Naturally this is a subjective question as everyone has different tastes. Having said that, we have thoroughly taste-tested our products to deliver a range of great tasting proteins for you as we only want to sell products that we enjoy in the hope that you do too. The caveat to this is that some sources of protein mix better, have nicer consistency and tend to taste better than others. In our opinion, the less refined whey products taste the best withhigher levels of carbohydrates tending to make them creamier (e.g. Mass Gainers, WPCs, WPC/WPI Blends and Meal Replacements). The other proteins can be more of an acquired taste as either the source product (i.e. rice, soy, pea) has a distinct aftertaste that may take some getting used to if you have never tried them before (but will be familiar to regular consumers), or the level of filtration/purity/refinement can result in a thinner, more watery taste.

The challenge for anyone making protein powders is finding the balance between flavour and purity. Generally, the more natural a product, the less tasty it becomes. The more flavour or sweetener you add, the better the taste profile, but the lower percentage of protein in a given serve. We have tried our best to strike a balance between taste and the nutritional composition in formulating our range of supplements.

Whilst we love the taste of our products, we have tried not to go too far with flavour manipulation. We have also provided a range of 'Naturals' products which have been formulated with only natural flavours and sweeteners. We even have unflavoured options for the total purists out there. If flavour is your priority, then stick with our core range of products. If you are after maximum quality and purity, then consider the unflavoured or 'Naturals' range and remember that you can add these to fruit/vegetable shakes by blending them in with berries, bananas, plain yogurt, nut butters and greens (e.g. chlorella, spirulina, spinach, kale or celery) for an amazing tasting and nutrient-packed 'super shake'.

Whilst we all have differing opinions about flavour, we do care about what you think. We want to keep making our products better and better for you, so if you have any feedback on any of our products, send us an email as weÕd love to hear from you at info@nutrientsdirect.com.