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The exclusive range of Nutrients Direct branded accessories have been designed to complement our range of high quality supplements. All of our products undergo rigorous quality testing to ensure we stock only the best quality accessories. From pouches to shakers, you’ll find all the accessories you need for your fitness regime at Nutrients Direct.


  • Portable and lightweight scales
  • Perfect for weighing small amounts of powders
  • Batteries are included

From $22.00


  • Resealable and food safe
  • Great barrier properties
  • Perfect for dividing your supplements

From $0.80


  • Easy to clean design
  • Leak proof and drip free shaker
  • BPA free and dishwasher friendly

From $6.00

Discover the Outstanding Accessories from our Australian Online Supplements Range!

To ensure you can create the best shakes with your protein powders or other nutrient supplements from Nutrients Direct, we offer a good range of accessories. These accessories are available for purchase individually, but also come with one of the muscle stacks in our range. Read on to discover more about the accessories in our Australian online supplements range and the delicious shakes you can make with them!

The Nutrients Direct Shaker

The Nutrients Direct Shaker from our Australian online supplements range is leak proof and is designed with a special mesh grill, which ensures your protein powder shakes do not contain any lumps. The shaker can hold 700 millilitres of a protein powder shake, or any other shake from our range.

Our shaker from the Australian online supplements range is not only a great tool to make and drink your shakes, because it ensures you always have access to your protein powder shake, no matter where you are. The shaker has an ergonomic design, which makes it easier for athletes to carry their shake with them as they make their way to the gym.

Do you want to provide these shakes to members of your sports club or gym? Then take advantage of our great discounts on bulk orders! Whenever you buy a product from our Australian online supplements range, you will get a nice deal on your product when you purchase more than one!

The Nutrients Direct Pouch

Have you bought a large supply of nutrient supplements, but finding it hard to keep them on you because of the large size of the packaging? No need to worry, because Nutrients Direct offers individual pouches in its nutrient supplements range, which can be bought in different sizes for your convenience.

The Nutrients Direct Pouch from the nutrient supplements range can hold 500 grams of a protein powder or 1 kilogram of protein powder, depending on the size of the pouch you have obtained. It is the perfect pouch for athletes who tend to buy their nutrient supplements in bulk, because these pouches can easily divide them in more manageable amounts.

The Digital Scales

If you have experienced problems getting the right amount of supplement for your shake, then the Nutrients Direct Digital Scales may be the perfect tool for your supplement preparation. The Digital Scales are accurate up to 0.01 grams and can measure supplements up to a whopping 200 grams. The digital scales have a modern, digital display and also a tare function to make sure you get the exact amount you want!

The Nutrients Direct Digital Scales measures approximately 100 millimetres by 100 millimetres; this means that the scales are compact enough to take with you no matter where you need to prepare your shakes. Of course, the batteries for these digital scales are included in your order, so you can start using these handy scales as soon as they arrive.

Other Products On Nutrients Direct

Nutrients Direct does not only focus on delivering the right supplement preparation accessories for athletes, because Nutrient Direct has a tremendous range of supplements suitable for every type of athlete. Read our overview below to find out what you could obtain from our incredible range!


One of the most extensive ranges of supplements on Nutrients Direct is without a doubt the protein range. With a large amount of choices that includes whey proteins, casein proteins, egg protein, bovine colostrum and vegetable proteins, there are choices for athletes who prefer dairy-based proteins, but also athletes on a vegetarian or vegan diet. In short, all the proteins needed to obtain your fitness goal, whether you are focussed on weight loss or muscle mass.


The Nutrients Direct formulas are especially designed for a specific fitness goal, for example muscle gain, weight loss, bulking, increased sports performance or pre-workout. Depending on your specific fitness goal, athletes can choose a formula that matches their needs the best. By doing so, athletes can avoid having to take multiple supplements to achieve the one goal they have set for themselves. Instead, they can use one easy shake that saves them a lot of time and effort.


Many athletes prefer not to use any artificial sweeteners or colourings, so Nutrients Direct offers an entire range of supplements that only contain natural ingredients. Instead of the artificial sweeteners used by most other supplement brands, Nutrients Direct only uses a natural sweetener called stevia, so athletes can trust on the fact that no artificial chemicals are used in the creation of their natural supplement.

Amino Acids

If you would rather supplement your muscles with amino acids directly instead of protein, you will find plenty of options on Nutrients Direct as well. In our amino acids range, customers can take advantage of individual amino acids supplements such as branched chain amino acids, acetyl l-carnitine, l-carnitine tartrate, arginine alpha ketogluterate, l-arginine, essential amino acids, essential amino acids, l-glutamine and much more.


Carbohydrates can be a great way to get more energy during your workout, but also to promote muscle recovery after your workout. With options such as Dextrose Monohydrate, Instant Oats, Maltodextrin and Waxy Maize Starch, athletes can easily find a simple or complex carbohydrate that matches their needs.


No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, one of our supplement stacks can certainly contribute to reach your fitness goals. Customers can take advantage of popular options such as weight loss stacks, muscle builder stacks and sports performance stacks, but also specialised stacks such as women’s fitness for a select group of athletes!


Nutrients Direct can take care of your supplement needs from A to Z. Not only do we supply an extensive range of supplements, we also provide the accessories you need to prepare your shake or measure the exact amount of supplement you require. Nutrients Direct also has information on how to reach your fitness goals and has a special muscle money program in place to give you special discounts over time. Can you think of a reason not to shop at Nutrients Direct?

Our accessories can certainly help you to create the perfect shake, whether you make your shakes at home or at the gym. Each of our accessories can be bought individually, but they can also be found in our stacks. Just like all the other items at Nutrients Direct, our accessories are also accompanied by some muscle points.

The Muscle Money Loyalty Program should certainly be considered by athletes who use supplements on a regular basis. When you place an order at Nutrients Direct frequently, you will certainly get benefit from this program! Each time you place an order with Nutrients Direct, you will be attributed several points for each supplement you buy. The amount of points you obtain for each supplement depends on the quantity and the supplement itself. Of course, the total amount of point you’ve earned from your order is always displayed during the check-out and on your account after your order. Once you have placed your supplement order, the muscle points are automatically added to your account. When you have the right number of points, you can convert them into currency and apply them on your order to get a nice discount. Do you have any questions about our Muscle Money Program and how you could benefit? Contact Nutrients Direct to find out more!