What Are the Benefits of Taking Amino Acids Supplements?

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted: 23 February 2017 

Since amino acids are the building blocks of protein, you can only imagine how important they are for our health. However, amino acids supplements can be useful for athletes specifically as well, so many athletes could benefit from adding some Australian online supplements with amino acids to their regime. To find out what benefits a protein powder or an amino acid supplement could deliver, please read our information below.

Losing Belly Fat

If you want to shed those final pesky fats around your waist, using amino acids supplements may prove particularly useful. Even though there are thousands of products claiming to increase fat burn, there is scientific proof to support the claim that amino acids supplement could improve abdominal fat burn in athletes.

A study published in “Menopause” in 2007, showed that the use of soy amino acids supplements decreased the growth of abdominal fat in women after the menopause. Therefore, medical researchers state that using amino acids supplements in combination with a calorie-controlled diet could improve fat loss considerably.

Because of its usefulness for fat loss, amino acids supplements are not only useful for athletes looking to increase their muscle mass, but also for athletes looking to shed some weight. So, if you intend to supplement your diet with a protein powder, do not forget to look at amino acids supplements as well.

Improved Gym Performance

The use of Australian online supplements containing high levels of amino acids could also prove beneficial for athletes who want to improve their gym performance; this includes Australian online supplements such as protein powder, but also Australian online supplements that solely contain specific types of amino acids.

Amino acids inside protein powders and other Australian online supplements are known to assist in muscle building and reverse the breakdown of muscle. However, researchers claim that using protein powders with high levels of amino acids could contribute to better gym performance as well, more specifically for endurance athletes.

A study executed by the Saga Nutraceuticals Research Institute in 2009, a study that was also published in the “Journal of Nutrition Science and Vitaminology”, showed that the use of a branched chain amino acid supplement proved more effective for oxygen usage compared to athletes taking a placebo. Therefore, researchers could conclude the amino acids such as isoleucine, valine and leucine could increase the performance capacity of the consuming athlete.

Muscle Maintenance

Athletes who are just starting out on their fitness journey could use an amino acid supplement to maintain their muscle mass; this is proven by a study executed at the University of Sao Paulo in 2010. The study that was also published in the journal “Muscle and Nerve”, indicated that using a leucine supplement prevented muscle breakdown in immobilised muscles. Hence why researchers believe that using an amino acid could prove particularly useful for beginners.

The muscle maintaining capabilities of an amino acid supplement could not only benefit those who want to build more muscle mass, but also those on a calorie-controlled diet. When you are on a diet, it is more likely your body will breakdown muscle to get the energy it needs during your workouts. Of course, this phenomenon can be prevented by getting the right nutrition within your calories. However, you can also add an amino acid supplement that will protect your muscle during this time.

Muscle Building

Now it is time to discuss the main benefit amino acids are known for – muscle building. To understand how amino acids can help you build muscle, we need to look a little closer at amino acids and how they work in the human body.

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. So, when we consume foods that are high in protein, the body will start breaking down that protein to get the amino acids needed for several functions. Not all amino acids are obtained from foods though, because some amino acids are created by the body.

The amino acids that can be made by the body are called non-essential amino acids, while those that cannot be made by the human body are referred to as essential amino acids. Under the umbrella of essential amino acids, there is a small group of three branched chain amino acids, which are quite important for muscle building. These branched chain amino acids are leucine, isoleucine and valine.

Branched chain amino acids have unique abilities that other amino acids do not have. Branched chain amino acids will limit the breakdown of muscle tissue by increasing the body’s ability to create proteins. Therefore, the body will build muscle faster than it could be broken down, subsequently creating more muscle mass. Of course, branched chain amino acids can provide some fuel during your workouts as well, making your training more effective.

In short, branched chain amino acids can help you build muscle in two ways. Firstly, branched chain amino acids will promote the creation of protein. Secondly, it gives you extra fuel during your workouts, making sure that you don’t get burned out too quick.

The Amino Acid Supplements from Nutrients Direct

At Nutrients Direct, athletes can find several amino acids supplements that could contribute to their fitness goals. In our extensive range, athletes can find dedicated branched chain amino acids supplements, but also individual amino acids such as L-isoleucine, L-glutamine, L-Leucine and whole lot more.

To get the best amino acid supplement for your fitness goal, it could help to filter your search results by fitness goals. Head over to our main menu, select “My Goal” and your fitness goal from the dropdown menu. Then, you will be taken to a new page that contains all the Australian online supplements that could contribute to your specific fitness goal.

Do not forget that Nutrients Direct provides many other supplements as well. These supplements can be used for a great variety of fitness goals, so it could be a good idea to see if any other supplements could contribute to your goals. Need some advice on any of these supplements? Do not hesitate to contact our expert team!


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