How Can Amino Acids Supplements Help Me Build Lean Muscle Mass?

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted: 23 February 2017 

The use of amino acids supplements is not always meant for bulking up, because these supplements from our Australian online supplements range could be used to lose weight and build more lean muscle mass. To find out how amino acids supplements could help you lose weight, please read the information below!

Obesity and a Shortage of Carnitine

Several studies executed over the years have shown that many obese people suffer from a shortage in carnitine; this is an important amino acid you will commonly find in our amino acids supplements. To understand the role of this amino acid and why it is important to replenish it, we have laid out the function of carnitine in more detail.

Carnitine can be described as a biocarrier; this means that this amino acid from our Australian online supplements range is responsible for the transport of certain substances in the body. Even though this biocarrier is synthesised by our liver, obese people tend to have a shortage of this amino acid and need to supplement it with one of our Australian online supplements containing carnitine.

To synthesise carnitine, the body needs an adequate supply of certain vitamins; this includes B6, B12, niacin and folic acid. When the body lacks any of these vitamins, the synthesis of carnitine will become less efficient, subsequently affecting your ability to use carnitine for efficient weight loss.

Of course, we do need to explain the role of carnitine for weight loss. Well, carnitine is responsible for the transport of fatty acids through the mitochondrial membrane. Once they have passed through the membrane, the fatty acids are used by our metabolism. In short, carnitine enables the release of stored fats in the body and converts them into energy.

Scientific proof regarding the role of carnitine in weight loss has been published in numerous research studies, but the most interesting one is certainly the study executed by professor Luppa from the University of Leipzig. Professor Luppa published an essay in 2004, where he stated that a proper supply of carnitine could not only help to lose weight more effectively, it could play a crucial role in the prevention of obesity.

Carnitine Supplementation and Fat Oxidation

We already explained how carnitine can help you lose weight more effectively, but this amino acid has more functions that could help you reach your ideal figure. During two studies in Switzerland and the United States, results showed that supplementation with carnitine could boost the release of fats, but also increase the oxidation of specific fatty acids in the cells.

To give some extra credit to the claim of scientists in Switzerland and the United States, another study executed on seven animal models backed up the claim. It showed that supplementing with carnitine during a calorie-controlled diet does not only lead to a dramatic decrease in body fat, but also an increase in lean muscle!

Carnitine and Weight Management

The amino acid Carnitine has countless benefits for weight loss, but a more recent study in 2013 also showed that carnitine has benefits for weight management as well. During the clinical study, researchers provided test subjects with a 500-mg supplement of L-carnitine daily. These test subject were also subjected to training. The result of the study was a significant amount of weight loss, with an average loss of 400 grams of body fat over four weeks. This was achieved without a significant change in diet. So, just imagine what a calorie-controlled diet combined with carnitine could do for your figure.

Glutamine and Fat Storage

Carnitine is not the only amino acid that could help you lose some weight. Glutamine is a powerful amino acid that can be converted into glucose in the kidneys, without impacting glucagon and insulin levels. Therefore, this amino acid contributes to your energy levels, without using the insulin-induced fat storage system.

Since Glutamine counteracts that typical storage of dietary fats, and provides energy in a different manner, it could help to regular your overall weight. Studies have even shown that supplementing with Glutamine during a high-fat diet still led to an overall loss in body fat. Of course, the best results are always obtained by combining Glutamine with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise.

Amino acids such as Glutamine are not the only compounds important for weight loss, because certain vitamins have proven effective for weight loss as well. Out of all vitamins, the B-vitamins and zinc are most important. Almost all B-vitamins contribute to the body’s ability to the breakdown of fat, but they are also important nutrients for the brain. Zinc also has these abilities, so making sure your diet contains most B-vitamins and plenty of zinc will certainly contribute to more effective weight loss.

Add a Protein Powder to Your Diet

If you are considering the benefit of amino acids supplements in your diet, do not forget to consider another important source of amino acids from our Australian online supplements range – protein powder.

When you select a protein powder from our Australian online supplements range, be sure to consider what you wish to use the protein powder for. There are dedicated post-workout protein powders, but there are also protein powders that are best taken before bed, and then stimulate your muscle growth while you sleep. So, always research your protein powder before deciding.

Always Combined Supplements with a Balanced Diet and Exercise

Supplements can help you along the way and increase the progress you obtain from a balanced diet and exercise. So, never count on supplements alone to get the results you wish to obtain, because your body will need a good diet and exercise to provide you with the changes you want to see.

Do you need some advice on the supplements that could accompany your diet or training? Please contact our expert team for more information. However, before starting a new training regime after a period of inactivity, please visit a health professional for a thorough check-up first; this to make sure that there are no underlying medical problems and you can train in a safe manner.


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