Why Is It Important for Athletes to Have Protein in Their Diet?

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted: 11 November 2016 

Protein is important for all athletes, whether you train to gain muscle mass or to lose weight. To understand the importance of protein and protein powders from our Australian online supplements range, we have listed an overview of the sports-related benefits of protein. Read on to discover what protein powders from our Australian online supplements range can do for you.

Why Is Protein Powder So Popular with Bodybuilders?

When you have spent some time at the gym and observed some of the local bodybuilders, you may have noticed that many of them run around with a protein powder shake from our Australian online supplements range. The use of protein powders by bodybuilders is not surprising, especially when you consider the fact that protein is directly used to produce muscle.

However, the benefits of protein powder from our Australian online supplements range does not stop with muscle production, because studies have shown that proteins also play an important role in the manufacturing of hormones, enzymes, cellular messengers, nucleic acids and even important components used by our immune system. Therefore, when an athlete does not consume an adequate amount of protein, it could cause some problems.

When the body does not get enough protein, it will have a negative effect on all cells, tissues and organs that contain protein in their structure. The lack of protein will also hinder the production of biochemical substances, needed for the functioning of our cardiovascular system, muscle contractions, muscle growth and wound healing. Subsequently, a lack of protein can also lead to athletes getting injured quicker.

Most athletes will consume Australian online supplements containing protein after their workout, because this is considered the ideal time for protein supplementation to repair small tears in the muscle tissue, which are usually a result of rigorous training. Even though this protein can be obtained from foods, protein powders take less long to digest and only need an average of thirty minutes to reach the muscle.

Which Protein Supplement Is Best for My Needs?

There are numerous protein supplements to choose from and these supplements may contain various types of protein; this includes whey, casein, soy, pea and rice protein. Out of all protein supplements on the market today, whey protein is probably the best-known and most used protein supplement.

Most athletes use whey protein to increase their muscle mass and improve their health. However, this does not necessarily mean that whey protein is the best supplement for you personally. To determine the best protein for your training needs, you will need to look at the biological value of the supplement, which is usually an indication of the protein quality.

When you use a protein with a high biological value, the protein supplement will be best suited for muscle growth, although this claim is still widely discussed by researchers and medical scientists all over the world. However, most scientists do agree that protein with a high biological value tend to be absorbed and retained by the body better than supplements with a lower biological value

Whey protein is usually a supplement with a high bioavailability and it contains all essential and non-essential amino acids needed for successful muscle growth. Whey protein supplements also have the highest branched chain amino acid content in supplements to date; this could provide athletes looking for branched chain amino acid related benefits with a great protein option.

Please note that when you select a supplement based on bioavailability (BV), it is only useful for the selection of protein supplements. While bioavailability can play a role in other supplements, it is not the main denominator when selecting non-protein supplements.

How Much Protein Does an Athlete Need?

The answer to this question is never fully clear, because each athlete has different requirements. The amount of protein you need daily depends on numerous denominators; this includes age, physical activity and even your metabolism. However, most experts claim that athletes looking to build muscle need a minimum of 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight.

Even though there have been no serious side-effects reported with the use of protein powder, special precautions should be taken when you take a lot of protein. Athletes who consume a lot of protein should supplement their diet with calcium and magnesium, since too much protein can deplete the levels of these important nutrients.

When Should I Take My Protein?

The ideal time to take your protein supplement has been a topic of discussion amongst trainers, athletes and even medical researchers. The use of a protein supplement has shown benefits despite the time of day it is taken, which means that there are many different opinions on the time you should take your supplement.

Most athletes do take their protein supplement straight after training, mainly because the body depletes of nutrients during intensive workouts. By supplementing with a protein powder, athletes can get these nutrients back and prevent the body from going into catabolism, the stage where the body starts to break down muscle.

Aside from supplementing after training, using a protein supplement in the morning can have benefits as well. After you have been sleeping for eight hours, your body craves nutrients and is in danger of going into catabolism. Therefore, supplementing with a protein supplement will give your body the nutrients it needs to create more muscle mass.


Nutrition is one of the cornerstones of your fitness goals, no matter what these fitness goals may be. Therefore, athletes should not only focus on training and using good supplements, but also on the solid food aspect of their diet.

Athletes who are just starting on a new exercise program, want to build more muscle, or want to lose weight, should always consult a nutritionist or personal trainer for some advice on supplementing. These health professionals can also provide you with additional support, which increases the chance of your reaching your fitness goal.

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