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Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted: 11 November 2016 

Many people believe they live a healthy lifestyle. They often include a lot of exercise, but are then surprised they are not gaining muscle as they are supposed to. Unfortunately, athletes are more susceptible to a shortage in protein than people living a sedentary lifestyle. Curious if you need a protein powder from our Australian online supplements or not? Here’s how you know you need some protein with that!

What Are the Signs of Protein Deficiency?

There are certain symptoms that could be indicators of a protein deficiency; this is often caused by a lack of protein in the diet of the person in question, in which case a protein powder from our Australian online supplements range could help, but there can also be an underlying medical cause, which requires immediate medical attention.

Not having enough protein in your diet, or in your system, is commonly associated with symptoms such as a slow metabolism, problems losing weight, problems building more muscle mass, a lack of energy, general fatigue, poor concentration, learning difficulties, mood swings, joint pains, blood sugar problems that may lead to diabetes, slow wound healing and a poor immune system.

Considering that a lack of protein can have some nasty side-effects, it is important to have enough protein in your diet. If you cannot obtain enough protein with a regular diet, for example because of a vegan lifestyle, you can always supplement the lack of protein with a vegetable-based protein powder from our Australian online supplements range.

However, there are some underlying medical conditions the could cause a lack of protein and other important nutrients. If you suspect that an underlying medical condition is the cause of your problem, please consult a health professional before you decide to supplement with a protein powder from our Australian online supplements range.

Why Can a Protein Powder from the Australian Online Supplements Range Be Beneficial?

Protein is important for many different reasons, because protein can be described as a building block for the human body. To build muscle, your body will need protein. However, protein is also a required nutrient for other important biological functions such as your metabolism and fat burning processes.

To understand protein and the benefit that one of our protein powders could deliver, we need to take a closer look at the structure of the protein. Proteins consists of long chains of amino acids, which are obtained from numerous foods; this includes meat, dairy, eggs and fish. To get certain biological processes in the body going, our body needs to break down protein and use the individual amino acids for certain processes, structures, tissues, cells and organs. Subsequently, these smaller amino acids can have a powerful effect on the body, not only for your physical fitness, but for your general health.

How Do I Know My Body Is Not Getting Enough Protein?

We already mentioned some of the common symptoms associated with a lack of protein, but there are some specific symptoms that could indicate you are not eating enough protein. Read on to find out if you need more protein in your diet.

Cholesterol Levels

High levels of cholesterol cannot only be caused by eating an excess amount of fatty foods, it can also be caused by problems such as inflammation, hormonal problems, high sugar diets and a lack of protein. So, to protect your cardiovascular health, consuming the right amount of protein is recommended.


The amino acids that make up protein are also building blocks for parts of the brain called neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters are responsible for the regulation of your mood and your anxiety, since proteins help your brain to synthesise substances such as dopamine and serotonin. These substances are responsible for feelings such as calmness, excitement and positivity. However, if you have a lack of protein, your brain cannot produce these substances, hence why little protein in your diet can also have a negative psychological effect.

Training Difficulties

Athletes tend to be the first to notice a lack of protein in their diet, because a lack of protein will cause some noticeable side-effects during their training, but also on their muscle mass. A low-protein diet can lead to the breakdown of muscle, fat gain and even muscle fatigue during your workouts. If you want results from your workouts, you will need enough protein in your diet.

Brain Fog

Not consuming enough protein can have a negative effect on your ability to think. Brain fog, poor concentration, a lack of motivation and learning difficulties could all be signs of insufficient protein consumption. The effects a lack of protein can have on your cognitive abilities can be explained by neurotransmitters, which need protein to be built. Neurotransmitters in the brain enable you to focus, but also produce important substances regulating your mood and stress levels; this includes norepinephrine, serotonin, dopamine and much more.

Constipation and Flatulence

Many people with a lack of protein in the diet can experience a lot of flatulence, but remain constipated at the same time. The effects protein shortage can have on your gastrointestinal system can be explained by a lack of amino acids, which are derived from the proteins you consume. Amino acids play a crucial role in muscle contractions, including the muscle contractions in your gastrointestinal system. Therefore, digestion your food can become a little harder.

Irregular Menstrual Cycle

An irregular menstrual cycle only applies to female athletes suffering from a shortage of protein in their diet, but it is quite a common phenomenon with women who need to add a significant amount of protein to their nutrition. However, there can be other underlying causes, which includes polycystic ovary syndrome. Therefore, always contact a health professional if you experience this problem.


Protein is not only important for our fitness goals, but also for our health in general. A shortage of protein should therefore be avoided at all cost. If you believe you do not consume enough protein and want to tackle this problem, please be sure to contact a health professional before you start supplementing with additional protein; this to ensure there is not any underlying medical condition that requires medical treatment first.

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