Why Are Amino Acids Supplements Most Popular Amongst Bodybuilders?

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted: 23 February 2017 

Even though there are many Australian online supplements that could benefit bodybuilders, amino acids supplements are extremely popular with bodybuilders for a good reason. If you are interested in increasing your muscle mass, and want to discover how Australian online supplements could help you to do this, be sure to read our overview of amino acids supplements information below!

What Are Amino Acids in the Australian Online Supplements Range?

In the world of nutrition, you can find amino acids in protein. Therefore, amino acids cannot only be obtained from popular amino acids supplements, you can also find them in protein powder such as whey protein powder and casein protein powder.

When the body consumes the protein from a protein powder, the protein from the protein powder is broken down into several amino acids. Each of the amino acids are then used to perform numerous functions.

Naturally, some amino acids can contribute to muscle building. Because of this function, amino acids supplements from our Australian online supplements range are commonly used by bodybuilders. Of course, the amino acids supplements from our Australian online supplements range are no miracle cures and should be combined with good nutrition and exercise. So, to understand how you should use amino acids supplements, please consider the information on some of the important bodybuilding amino acids below.

How Can Histidine Be Useful for Bodybuilders?

Histidine is an important amino acid for the growth and repair of several tissues in the human body. It plays a vital role in the maintenance and creation of glial nerve cells, which form a protective myelin shell around the nerves. In addition to that histidine is also important for the creation of white and red blood cells.

Still, one of the most important functions of histidine for bodybuilders is related to digestion. When histidine enters the stomach, it starts producing all types of gastric juices. These gastric juices can improve the digestion of the athlete. Subsequently, supplementing with histidine could prove useful to athletes who often experience problems with their digestion.

How Can Lysine Help Bodybuilders?

When it comes to muscle growth, lysine is probably one of the most important amino acids. Lysine is used by the body for the absorption of calcium, which is in turn responsible for bone growth, muscle growth and the metabolization of fat into energy.

To make the success song of lysine even sweeter, the amino acid also keeps nitrogen levels balanced. The right nitrogen levels help athletes to maintain lean body mass during periods of extreme stress and fatigue. Therefore, athletes susceptible to overtraining and fatigue, could certainly benefit from adding lysine to their supplement regime.

Lysine can also be obtained from several foods; this includes cheese, eggs, milk and meat. Of course, when you are on a calorie-controlled diet, you may not have the calories to eat the quantities of food needed to get the right lysine levels. Therefore, a supplement containing lysine could prove more beneficial for calorie-counting athletes.

How Can Phenylalanine Provide Benefits for Bodybuilders?

Phenylalanine could be considered as one of the most versatile amino acids for bodybuilders, because this amino acid could provide quite some benefits for active athletes.

Amino acid phenylalanine has shown to improve the mood of athletes by stimulating the nerve system. Consequently, phenylalanine could be used to provide the motivation the athlete is lacking during his or her training. Of course, phenylalanine could also prove useful for the athlete’s memory.

Phenylalanine is not only used in supplements though, because this amino acid is a common occurrence in sweetened drinks; even though the amino acid is often combined with aspartic acid and aspartame. Naturally, just like other supplements, phenylalanine must be used in moderation.

How Can Methionine Help Bodybuilders?

Methionine is an amino acid that most bodybuilders tend to overlook, because this amino acid is focussed on the loss of fat and not muscle building. However, this does not mean that methionine is not useful to sculpt the body of a bodybuilder, because it could convert those pesky excess fats into beautiful muscle mass.

To burn excess fats and remove them from the body of the bodybuilder, it needs to interact with zinc. When these two substances interact, it eliminates fats that are present in the bloodstream, hence successfully reducing adipose fatty tissue.

Methionine is also an amino acid that could improve the digestion of an athlete. It could also help to remove heavy metals from the stomach and the liver, and fulfil additional functions as an antioxidant.

Lastly, methionine is one of the amino acids used to create a supplement called Creatine Monohydrate, a popular supplement amongst trainers and athletes alike. Methionine on its own is quite useful as well though, because many bodybuilders will use it to benefit from better fat metabolization, digestion and antioxidizing properties.

How Can Branched Chain Amino Acids Help Bodybuilders?

BCAAS are not a single amino acid, but a collection of three amino acids that are vital for muscle building. The branched chain amino acids are leucine, isoleucine and valine, and each of these branched chain amino acids plays a role in the creation, maintenance and the repair of muscle tissue.

Branched chain amino acids are not only used by bodybuilders to increase their muscle mass, because these specific amino acids have found an application in the medical world as well. Branched chain amino acids are commonly used to treat problems related to a protein deficiency; this includes headaches, dizziness, fatigue and depression. In conclusion, branched chain amino acids could provide versatile benefits to athletes in need of more protein.

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