What Is a Protein Shake For?

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted: 11 November 2016 

A good protein powder from our Australian online supplements range can have some amazing benefits, but when an athlete is just starting to discover Australian online supplements, it can be difficult to determine which type of supplement they need. To find out the benefits a protein powder from our Australian online supplements range can deliver, please read our information below!

What Benefits Can a Protein Powder from the Australian Online Supplements Range Deliver?

There are many reasons why athletes choose a protein powder from the Nutrients Direct range of Australian online supplements, since protein powder is known to provide numerous health benefits. These benefits can be of use for athletes, more specifically for muscle growth and muscle repair, but it can also provide benefits for your health in general.

Protein plays a major role in many biological processes of the human body. In addition to muscle growth and muscle repair, protein plays a role in the production of certain hormones and enzymes. Proteins also function as special cellular messengers, nucleic acids and parts of our immune system. Given the importance of protein for numerous biological processes, a lack of protein can lead to serious health problems.

Without the right amount of protein, our body is not able to create the structures needed for cells, tissues and our organs. The body will also not be able to produce the biochemical substances needed for our cardiovascular system, muscle contractions, growth and even healing. Therefore, a lack of protein does not only lead to fitness-related problems, but also health problems.

Can’t Athletes Get Protein from Solid Foods Instead of Protein Supplements?

Protein can be obtained from normal solid foods, but it does take some time for your body to digest and break down the protein you obtain from your meals. Then, the body still needs to send the protein to the muscle before the athlete can benefit from it. Unfortunately, this means that it will take a while before the protein can start working on the micro tears your muscles have obtained from rigorous workouts.

The biggest benefit of protein powders is their digestion and absorption rate. When taken directly after their workout, the protein is quickly absorbed in the body and used to perform muscle repair. Of course, such a protein supplement can be used before or during a workout as well, so it can supply you with the nutrients you need, so the body does not have to break down muscle protein.

However, the digestion and absorption rate of your protein supplement depends on the type of protein powder you obtain from a supplement manufacturer. Some protein powders are known for their quick absorption and digestion rate, such as whey protein, while others can be slow-absorbing, such as casein protein.

How Do I Recognise a Good Protein Supplement?

One of the most used protein supplements for both muscle growth and muscle repair is whey protein, considering its fast absorption and digestion qualities. However, not all brands of whey protein are the same, so athletes need to look at certain factors before they make a purchase.

When you need a high-quality whey protein supplement, you always need to look at the biological value of your supplement. Supplements with a high biological value could be the best for muscle growth, even though this statement is still under heavy discussion amongst scientists. However, medical researchers do agree that supplements with a higher biological value are digested quicker by the human body.

Aside from obtaining a supplement with a high biological value, you will also need to look at the essential and non-essential amino acid content, as well as the branched chain amino acid content. As you may know already, amino acids can provide numerous muscle growth and fat loss benefits to athletes, but also health benefits for those who want to improve their overall heath.

When you select your protein supplement from a specific supplement manufacturer, please consider that biological value is important, but not the most important. A good supplement is a combination of a good amino acid content as well as biological value, so do not pick your supplement on biological value alone.

How Much Protein Do I Need to Benefit from It?

The daily amount of protein needed to obtain fitness-related benefits will vary from athlete to athlete, since there are numerous factors that could cause the body to use protein in varying amounts. These factors include, but are not limited to: age, physical activity, solid food diet, muscle mass and more. Therefore, it is always a good idea to contact an experienced personal trainer or nutritionist for advice on your protein intake.

Many athletes calculate their ideal protein intake with their body weight. However, please note that this calculation is not always accurate, since you may need more protein because of rigorous exercise, your age and other factors. Most athletes need 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. However, to get a more accurate protein intake estimate, please visit a nutritionist or personal trainer.

When you decide to supplement with protein, please make sure you get enough calcium and magnesium as well. Athletes consuming a protein-rich diet will notice that their calcium and magnesium levels get depleted a lot faster. Therefore, make sure you keep a close eye on these minerals if you want to supplement.


No matter what your fitness goals are, protein should always be one of the cornerstones of your diet. Protein is often used to increase your physical performance, as well as your health in general. Of course, athletes who do rigorous exercise will need more protein than those living a sedentary lifestyle.

Want to try a protein supplement yourself and see what benefits you could obtain? Check out our extensive range of protein powders and other natural supplements that could get you one step closer to your fitness goal. Need some additional advice? Do not hesitate to contact our experienced team of professionals, who will be more than happy to make some recommendations.

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Take For
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Carbs per serve (g) 2.1 3.1 0 0 0.5
Fat total per serve (g) 0.4 1.0 0 0 0.2
Sugars per serve (g) 1.7 2.6 0 0 0.2
Serving Size (g) 25 40   1 30
Serves per kilo 40 25 83 250 33
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