Whilst strength and power and important, it is mostly speed, agility, conditioning and fitness that are the physical corner stones for fighting athletes. Few athletes will get punished so hard and so frequently as fighters so staying healthy and supporting the performance and recovery from the gruelling regimen is vital. Recovery through rest, massage, stretching, ice baths, spas aside, supplements can make a huge difference. Supplementation focus can vary on phase of training and proximity to competition whereby coming under weight limits can require weight loss. Overall, fighters will need a good source of protein (ND Total Whey, WPC, WPI, ND Hydroxyshred). BCAAs, L Glutamine/Glutamine Peptides for recovery. Beta alanine, carbs (maltodextrin & dextrose monohydrate) and creatine for increasing output and bovine colostrum, greens powders and fibre for general health and immune support.