Keeping body fat very low and having a “sculpted” look is crucial to fitness models or those who are going for that look. Often elements like muscle definition, slim waistlines and symmetry are more important than pure size. Diet is very fundamental to achieving this, but from a supplements perspective, getting plenty of low carb, muscle-building and fat-burning protein is essential (WPI, HWPI, ND Hydroxyshred (thermogenic whey blend), ND Contour (female body toning). Training is quite intense with high heartrate circuits and HIIT (HIIT training – isn’t that like ATM Machine?) which puts the body under stress, so getting good nutrition and immune support to stay healthy is key. Supplements like Bovine Colostrum, green powders (spirulina, barley grass & wheatgrass) and fibre (inulin, psyllium husks) will help too. Some also like to use supplements that encourage the body to use fat for energy ( carnitine, Garcinia Cambogia etc.). These supplements may also assist with staying lean by helping block carb absorption and utilisation of fat cells for energy.