Suitable For:

  • Rugby players and similar sports that require strength, speed & power
Data based on vanilla flavour ND Total Whey WPC ND Mass Muscle WPI Calcium Caseinate
Protein per serve (g) 22.2 23 26.2 26.7 28.1
Take For
Type of protein/s Whey Whey Whey & Casein Whey Casein
Carbs per serve (g) 3.4 4.2 26.5 1.9 0.8
Fat total per serve (g) 1.3 1.3 1.6 0.6 0.2
Sugars per serve (g) 3.2 3.2 10.4 1.4 0.3
Serving Size (g) 35 30 60 30 30
Serves per kilo 28 33 16 33 33
Additional Premium Ingredients Amino blend, colostrum, creatine, glutamine   Amino blend, carb blend,colostrum, creatine    
Notes Complete muscle-building formula The least processed budget powder Ultimate Post workout bulking powder Fast absorbing powder Slow release high density powder
Flavours Chocolate Vanilla Chocolate, Vanilla, Honeycomb, Strawberry, Banana, Natural Chocolate Vanilla Chocolate, Vanilla, Honeycomb, Strawberry, Banana, Natural Chocolate, Vanilla, Natural

There are certainly some similarities in the needs of rugby players and AFL players. Whilst some rugby players (depending on position) need to be very fast and agile, overall there is a greater need for building a stronger, more powerful and solid frame to take the huge amounts of impact received during matches and training. Power is a key requirement for rugby players so they can take off quickly and accelerate through great resistance. Strength is important for being able to hold your ground, take a hit and keep your footing. Intensive training and game schedules can put the body’s immune system under great stress so proper muscle and immune system support is critical. Rugby players will get such support from supplements like ND Total Whey, ND Mass Muscle, WPC, WPI, BCAAs for muscle repair. Creatine, ND Hydrator (electrolyte) and beta alanine for energy boost and replenishment. Bovine colostrum, fibre and greens powders for immune support.

Rugby Range

  • Packed with high quality proteins providing the body with branched chain amino acids (BCAA’s) to support muscle growth and repair
  • Calorie dense formulation containing a blend of short, medium and long chain carbohydrates to provide a sustained release of energy and help you get bigger faster
  • Contains high grade colostrum with more than 35% immunoglobulin G (IgG) levels and essential vitamins and minerals to support general health and wellbeing

From $30.00


  • Fast absorbing protein
  • Assists with muscle growth and repair
  • High in branched chain amino acids

From $26.00

  • Rapidly absorbing protein
  • Low in fat and carbohydrates
  • Assists with muscle growth and repair
  • High in branched chain amino acids
  • 99% lactose free

From $35.00


  • Important for muscle growth and repair
  • Helps maintain lean tissue
  • Optimal 2:1:1 BCAA ratio

From $25.00


  • Supports increased muscle pump
  • Increases focus and mental alertness
  • Improved energy levels and training intensity
  • Instant performance gains from our synergistic blend of nitric oxide boosters and anabolic agents for explosive workouts and muscle pump
  • Amino acid matrix for muscle growth and repair
  • Supports the production of ATP via the Krebs cycle
  • Only contains ingredients that are WADA compliant

From $35.00

  • Easy to make
  • High protein snack
  • Convenient choice for breakfast or as a healthy snack

From $8.95


  • Fast absorbing version of Creatine
  • Provides energy and strength for explosive workouts
  • Increases muscle pump

From $19.00


  • High quality colostrum
  • Assists with muscle growth and immunity
  • High in growth factors IGF-1&2 that support lean muscle tissue

From $80.00