There are certainly some similarities in the needs of rugby players and AFL players. Whilst some rugby players (depending on position) need to be very fast and agile, overall there is a greater need for building a stronger, more powerful and solid frame to take the huge amounts of impact received during matches and training. Power is a key requirement for rugby players so they can take off quickly and accelerate through great resistance. Strength is important for being able to hold your ground, take a hit and keep your footing. Intensive training and game schedules can put the body’s immune system under great stress so proper muscle and immune system support is critical. Rugby players will get such support from supplements like ND Total Whey, ND Mass Muscle, WPC, WPI, BCAAs for muscle repair. Creatine, ND Hydrator (electrolyte) and beta alanine for energy boost and replenishment. Bovine colostrum, fibre and greens powders for immune support.