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Nutrients Direct is now closed for business. Thank you for your support over the years.

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Digital Scales

Nutrients Direct’s digital micro scales are the perfect accessory for those wanting to weigh small amounts of supplements or amino acids. Accurate to 0.01g and with a capacity of 200g, these scales have a digital display and tare function to ensure you can get exactly the right amount of your supplement when required.

Our scales are approximately 100mm x 100mm in size and batteries are included.

Get More Out of Your Australian Online Supplements with our Digital Scales

When you start taking one of our Australian online supplements to get more out of your training, then you will need the right tools to make sure that you measure the exact amount of supplement for your requirements. Our digital scales can certainly help you to do just that! To learn more about our digital scales, and our range of Australian online supplements, please read our information below.

What Can I Do with the Nutrients Direct Digital Scales?

The Digital Scales in our Australian online supplements range is specifically designed to measure your nutrient supplements. Therefore, athletes can use this digital scales to measure their nutrient supplements up to 0.01 grams and up to a maximum of 200 grams.

On Nutrients Direct, athletes can also find other accessories in the Australian online supplements range, for example the Nutrients Direct shakers and pouches. To discover all the accessories for your nutrient supplements, please head over to our accessories range!

What Nutrient Supplements Can I Buy at Nutrients Direct?

There are numerous nutrient supplements available at Nutrient Directs, from protein powders and carbohydrates to creatine and amino acids. To learn more about our range of nutrient supplements, please have a look at our overview below!

Protein Powders

Nutrients Direct has an extensive range of protein powders, which can either be derived from dairy products or vegetables. Because of the diversity of our range, vegetarian and vegan athletes can also get the protein powders they need to fill the nutritional gap in their diet.

For vegetarians and vegans, Nutrients Direct has protein powders derived from vegetables, which includes peas, soy and rice. Each of these protein powders have unique characteristics as well, so there is going to be a suitable protein powder for every fitness goal, even if you are a vegan or vegetarian.


If you need to combine several supplements for one particular fitness goal, you can spend a lot of time preparing your supplement shakes over the course of the day. Fortunately, there is an easier way to get all the nutrients you need to obtain your fitness goal, the Nutrients Direct formulas!

Nutrients Direct has a supplement formula for every fitness goal, but also formulas that can function as a meal replacement or a pre-workout supplement. Instead of buying multiple supplements for the same fitness goal? Why not use one simple formula to obtain all the benefits at once?

Natural Supplements

When you do not want to use supplements with artificial sweeteners or colourings, you are in the right place at Nutrients Direct. In our extensive range of nutrient supplements, athletes will find a dedicated range of natural supplements, which only contain natural sweeteners.

Athletes can find natural supplements for a variety of fitness goals; this includes special protein powders, meal replacements, barley grass powder, spirulina and so much more. So if you are not that fond of supplements from other brands that are filled with artificial sweeteners or colourings, why not give the natural supplements from Nutrients Direct a try?

Amino Acids

Some people prefer to use an amino acid supplement instead of a protein supplement, because specific amino acid can perform very specific functions in the body, while a protein supplement will perform many functions at the same time. To meet the demands of athletes looking for amino acid supplements, Nutrients Direct offers an extensive range of amino acids, which includes popular choices such as branched chain amino acids, l-arginine, glutamine peptides and many more.


Creatine supplements are especially popular with professional athletes and personal trainers, but thanks to Nutrients Direct, even beginners can take advantage of the fitness benefit of creatine supplements. Within our extensive range, customers can benefit from options such as Creatine Monohydrate, Creatine Ethyl Ester (HCL) and Tri Creatine Malate.

Weight Loss Specific Supplements

Many athletes looking to lose weight will browse our range for weight loss specific supplements. Considering the high demand for this supplement, Nutrients Direct aims to provide a comprehensive and high quality range of weight loss supplements. These supplements can be bought individually, but also in combination with other supplements to get the most out of your weight loss journey.


Athletes lacking energy during their training often try to find a solution in our range of carbohydrate supplements. Carbohydrates are some of the main nutrients responsible for energy provision in the body, so whether you choose Instant Oats, Maltodextrin or another carbohydrate supplement from our range, one of our carbohydrates will be able to provide you with more energy when you need it most.

Supplement Stacks

Beginners often take advantage of our supplement stacks to get more out of their training and enjoy quicker progress towards their fitness goal. Even though Nutrients Direct has many stacks for beginners, we also offer supplement stacks for experienced athletes who want to remain on their peak performance.

All the supplements offered in our bundles or stacks can be bought individually as well. For example, when you have bought a stack from us in the past, but notice that you only use a couple of those supplements over the course of time, you can always buy those supplements individually later.

Why Should I Buy from Nutrients Direct?

Our extensive range of quality supplements is not the only reason why you should buy your supplements from Nutrients Direct, because our Muscle Money Program is another big reason why many athletes keep on choosing Nutrients Direct for their supplement needs.

The Muscle Money Program is a special rewards program put in place by the Nutrients Direct team. When you register for Nutrients Direct and place an order with us, you are automatically eligible to benefit from this program. When you place an order, you are awarded a certain amount of muscle points. These muscle points can be collected over time, and used later to get a serious discount on your supplement order. Can you still think of a reason not to shop with Nutrients Direct?

Aside from digital scales, there are other things that could help you reach your fitness goals. Many people who aren’t professional athletes tend to go to the gym to meet their fitness goal. While this is certainly effective, if you cannot make it to the gym multiple times a week, you will see little progress. For those people, it can help to have some simple gym equipment in the home, enabling them to train even when they don’t have time to make it to the gym.

No matter what your fitness goals are, it is always recommended to find the perfect balance between strength and endurance; this means a combination of cardio and strength in your exercise routine. For beginners, finding this balance can be difficult, so we recommend that beginners seek the advice of more advanced athletes or trainers. When you are just starting out, it is also advised not to put your intensity too high, since this increases your chances of injury dramatically in the beginning. Instead, it is best to build up slow and crank up the intensity later. As you get fitter, your body will need more effort to change. So, instead of pulling out all the stops in the beginning, incorporate everything gradual into your routine.


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