Increase Your Endurance Effectively with our Useful Tips!

Many athletes are seeking to increase their endurance in the gym through the use of the right nutrient supplements and these supplements can often give you some excellent results. Of course, increasing your endurance also depends on other factors, so let us take a closer look at how you can increase your endurance effectively and permanently.

Choose the Right Australian Online Supplements

Before you start looking at your lifestyle, you will need to make sure you have the right Australian online supplements to speed up the results you can obtain. Fortunately, there are numerous Australian online supplements that could contribute to endurance; this includes Australian online supplements such as Creatine Monohydrate, L-Carnitine, Maltodextrin and more.

Most Australian online supplements will increase endurance by providing more energy, since a lack of endurance can often be explained by a lack of energy. If you have been struggling from a lack of energy, then these nutrient supplements focussed on energy provision will be the best choice for you.

Get a Good Protein Powder

In addition to energy providing nutrient supplements, you will also need an excellent protein powder to gain access to its benefits. Protein powders are commonly used to increase muscle mass, but also to lose fat and increase recovery time after training.

Fortunately for many athletes, there are numerous protein powders to choose from in our range of nutrient supplements. The most common type of protein powder is whey protein, a high quality protein that is absorbed quickly. Of course, there are also nutrient supplement for people with slower metabolisms, for example casein proteins. Naturally, to increase your endurance, you will need to decide according to the speed of your metabolism and the time of day you want to use your nutrient supplements.

Balance Cardio and Strength

Even if you want to get more endurance during your cardio exercises, you will still need to balance cardio and strength exercises. In order to obtain more endurance for your cardio exercises, you still need to build more muscle to challenge both your heart and your cardiovascular system.

Many athletes who only focus on cardio will find that their endurance starts to lack, therefore always ensure there is a good balance of cardio and strength in your exercise routine. Ideally, you want to combine cardio and strength on the same day, more specifically by doing some circuit training.

Increase Your Intensity

The recovery time between your sets can have a negative influence on your overall endurance, especially if your recovery time is too long. In order to increase your endurance effectively, you will need to have a look at your recovery time if it exceeds 60 seconds. In order to increase your endurance, you may have to decrease your recovery between sets.

To increase endurance, your muscles must be burning. If you barely break a sweat and not feel anything whatsoever, it is likely you are not training hard enough or that your recovery time between sets is simply too long.

Intensity Lifts

When you want to increase your endurance through a combination of cardio and strength, high-intensity lifting can certainly contribute. High-intensity lifting increases your metabolism and avoids muscle breakdown caused by excessive cardio exercises. Therefore, instead of excessive cardio, why not incorporate high-intensity lifting instead?

Compound Movements Are Great for Endurance

Some exercises are more effective to increase your endurance than others. Compound movements are a good example, because these types of exercises are more effective for endurance than isolation exercises. Therefore, try to avoid exercises such as bicep curls and leg lifts, but try squats and push-ups instead.

Maintain Your Training

Of course, you can do the best exercises and eat healthy, if you do not maintain your training and nutrition plan, you will not notice any differences in your endurance or your stamina. Also, the human body adapts to new conditions quite rapidly, so it is likely that your body will get used to your new training plan within two weeks. Therefore, if you do not have versatility in your training program, you can expect little to no results.

Hybrid Exercises

Hybrid exercises have shown great benefits for endurance and stamina. The principle of hybrid exercises is quite logical, because instead of one endurance increasing exercise, you are doing two.

Good examples of hybrid exercises are overhead presses combined with squats, lunges combined with bicep curls and jumping pull-ups. By doing a combination of two movements, you are stimulating your heart muscles more than just doing the one movement.

The Importance of Explosive Movements

Explosive movements are all movements that take a considerable amount of energy and pose a challenge for strength, endurance and stamina. Therefore, adding some explosive exercises to your training regime, which includes jumping knee tucks and power push-ups, can make a huge difference for your physical fitness in general.

Don’t Forget About Nutrition

While exercise is important for endurance, the foods you eat are important as well. Endurance athletes will often eat foods that promote heart and cardiovascular health; this includes salmon, cherries, kale, skimmed milk and bananas. All these foods are known to promote the health of your heart and the blood vessels, therefore, it can be a good idea to incorporate them into your regular diet.

If nutrition has always been a difficult issue for you, then it might be a good idea to contact an experienced nutritionist for some advice. Alternatively, you can also contact a personal training with experience in endurance training, who will be able to tell you more about the proper nutrition to increase your endurance.

Discover Endurance Enhancing Supplements at Nutrients Direct

The tips mentioned above could help you increase your endurance, but there are also numerous supplements at Nutrients Direct that may contribute to quicker progress. Check out our extensive range of endurance enhancing supplements today and find out if they could benefit you!

Suitable For:

  • Sports people and athletes who wish to speed up recovery and reduce muscle breakdown
  • Anyone involved in long-distance or endurance events including but not limited to; longer distance running, cycling, swimming, boxing, water sports or other combined disciplines such as triathlons, ironman or outdoor assault courses
  • Anyone looking to support an active lifestyle, regular exercise and boost energy levels to get maximum benefits from training

It makes sense to train in a way that is relevant to the sport or activity you wish to improve at. Longer distance events like marathons will require more emphasis on aerobic capacity.

This means working towards higher levels of intensity for longer periods of time. If your sport requires ongoing regular bursts of higher speed or intensity, your focus should be more on your rate of recovery (VO2 max) and lactic threshold (the body’s ability to remove lactic acid faster than it is produced).

This involves more interval work with alternating bursts of high intensity followed immediately by equivalent or slightly longer periods of lower intensity. If trying to cover all bases, a combination of these strategies can be useful in addition to a full-body weight-lifting program to promote strength and muscle, as well as utilising the right supplements.



Try this balanced program to get started with improving endurance, increasing VO2 max and lactate capacity whilst maintaining lean muscle mass. This program can be applied to your favourite endurance exercise (e.g. rowing, running, swimming, skating or cycling). Please note that the program assumes you have done some foundational work with endurance and resistance prior to commencing.


Morning: Aerobic capacity
20-45 mins at a moderate intensity
Evening: Resistance Training

Select any resistance program from the other Goals sections that match your personal goals
Aim to add one more minute to subsequent aerobic sessions next time until you have reached your desired distance/duration

VO2 Max and Lactate Threshold

High intensity interval training (HIIT).  Choose a short interval (e.g. 15-30 sec) that matches your fitness level and push hard for that amount of time, then back off and cruise gently for double that amount of time (e.g. 30-60 sec) and keep alternating for 10 continuous cycles

20 sec sprint
40 second jog/walk
Repeat 10 times

(Note: if beginner, start with shorter intervals)
Wednesday Rest  

Morning: Aerobic capacity
20-30 mins at a moderate intensity
Evening: Resistance Training

Select any resistance program from the other Goals sections that match your personal goals
Aim to add one more minute to subsequent aerobic sessions next time until you have reached your desired distance/duration

VO2 Max and Lactate Threshold

High intensity interval training (HIIT).  Choose a short interval (e.g. 15-30 sec) that matches your fitness level and push hard for that amount of time, then back off and cruise gently for double that amount of time (e.g. 30-60 sec) and keep alternating for 10 continuous cycles

30 sec sprint
60 second jog
Repeat 10 times

(Note: if beginner, start with shorter intervals)

Recovery Session

1-2 hours at a low intensity plus a long stretch


Long walk or ride and a yoga
Sunday Rest  

Complete each of the sessions once per week using the recommended schedule but matched to your availability and schedule. If in doubt always be conservative in the beginning and build up slowly over time.

Key Notes:

  • Always warm-up with dynamic stretching and 5 minutes at a cruising/walking pace
  • Cool down with 5 minutes at a cruising/walking pace and static stretching
  • Try to add 1 min to subsequent aerobic capacity sessions
  • Aim to increase HIIT interval periods every couple of weeks or when ready
  • Try to avoid doing resistance training on the same day as HIIT training for you safety and recovery
  • Rest days mean rest. Recovery is crucial to avoid over-training and injuries
  • If you experience any pain or injury, stop immediately, ice the area and seek medical assistance



HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training

VO2 Max - the maximal oxygen uptake or the maximum volume of oxygen that can be utilized in one minute during maximal or exhaustive exercise. It is measured as millilitres of oxygen used in one minute per kilogram of body weight.

VO2 max (or maximal oxygen uptake) is one factor that can determine an athlete’s capacity to perform sustained exercise and is linked to aerobic endurance. It is generally considered the best indicator of cardiorespiratory endurance and aerobic fitness. It is often called aerobic capacity. It is dependent upon the specific activity since the amount of oxygen that can be transported and utilized for one activity may be different than another. So an athlete's VO2 max will be different for running versus cycling.

Lactate Threshold - A point during exhaustive, all-out exercise at which lactic acid builds up in the blood stream faster than the body can remove it. Lactic acid is a by-product of the anaerobic energy pathway, a process which provides energy to muscles by partially breaking down glucose without the need for oxygen.

Anaerobic metabolism produces energy for short, high-intensity bursts of activity (lasting no more than a few minutes) before the lactic acid build-up reaches a threshold where it can no longer be absorbed and, therefore, accumulates. This point is known as the lactate threshold and is usually reached between 50 to 80% of an athlete's VO2 max.

Important: It is highly recommend that you seek expert medical advice before commencing any exercise routine. This training program should be considered as a guide only and should be adapted to meet your own individual requirements and current level of fitness.


Do You Want A Longer Workout? Find Support With Our Endurance Range!

Even if you have an incredible physique, you always want to push your body to the next level. In order to do so, endurance training is often a requirement. Endurance training can be difficult, but you can get to that next level even quicker by combining your training with our Endurance Range. Get the most out of your workout today by obtaining the Endurance Range from Nutrients Direct!

What Can I Find In The Endurance Range?

The Endurance Range from Nutrients Direct contains L-Glutamine, the ND Hydrator, ND Total Whey, Barley Grass Powder and Psyllium Husk. Each of these products has excellent properties on their own, but when combined they bring your endurance workout to the next level.Each of the products in our Endurance Range is available for purchase individually on Nutrients Direct. Additional information can be found on their product description, but we will briefly mention some of their properties here.

The first product you can find in our endurance range is L-Glutamine, which is an amino acid usually found in protein-rich products. Given the fact that L-Glutamine levels in the body decrease drastically during a long workout, it is not a bad idea to add this L-Glutamine to your workout. In addition to helping you with endurance, L-Glutamine also helps muscle growth and reduces recovery time after an intensive workout.

Our ND Hydrator can also be found in the Nutrients Direct Endurance Range. When you work out, you often lose a lot of vitamins and minerals. Fortunately, you can now count on the ND Hydrator, which will replenish all the lost vitamins and minerals. In addition to vitamin and mineral replacement, the ND Hydrator is also used as an isotonic drink during a workout.

The Endurance Range would not be complete without ND Total Whey, a protein blend that will limit muscle breakdown and seriously decrease your recover time after an intensive workout. Our ND Total Whey also has a high amount of Whey Proteins, which means that the use of this product will translate in lean muscle mass.

Barley Grass Powder is another product that is often used to better your endurance training. The product itself is high in vitamins, enzymes and amino acids and is also used as a natural detox for the body. Barley Grass Powder has also proven useful for your mental prowess, at is will increase your energy and focus.

The last product you can find in our Endurance Range is Psyllium Husk, an excellent source of dietary fibre. In addition to its properties for endurance workouts, it is also used as a dietary supplement for weight loss. On top of that, it will also lower your cholesterol and keep your heart healthy and strong.

Is There An Additional Protein Supplement That Would Go Well With The Endurance Range?

Do you still want an additional protein supplement to use separately or in combination with our endurance range? Then you should definitely have a look at our Whey Protein Isolate, which is a strong combination of essential amino acids and branched chain amino acids.

The most common purpose of Whey Protein Isolate is muscle growth, but there are additional benefits to be had as well. Nutrients Direct customers who use our Whey Protein Isolate can also use it for weight loss, given the fact that it only contains a minimum amount of fat and carbohydrates.

Whey Protein Isolate is also the perfect addition for your endurance training, because it helps your muscles to recover from a heavy workout and creates lean muscle mass where you want it. In short, when you want the ultimate endurance training experience, you have to try Whey Protein Isolate.

How Do I Contact Nutrients Direct For More Information Regarding The Endurance Range?

Customers who want to obtain more information about our endurance range can always call us at 0457 968 913. Outside office hours, you can also ask your question by sending your message to info@nutrientsdirect.com.au.


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