Female Body Toning for Beginners

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted: 27 October 2016 

Do you want to obtain a more toned appearance, but have no idea where to begin? Then this article is for you! Read on to discover helpful tips on how to obtain your leaner appearance in a healthy and natural way!

Consider Supplements

When you have gone to the gym regularly in the past, but felt like you did not get enough out of your training, then Australian online supplements may help you to reach your goal. Even though good nutrition and exercise are the cornerstones for a healthy lifestyle, supplements can help to add some nutrients you have lost during your training, or nutrients you are currently not getting from your food.

There are numerous Australian online supplements that could help you achieve better results. The most common Australian online supplements used for a leaner physique are protein powders and carbohydrates, but there are other Australian online supplements that could help you with goals such as weight loss, increased sports performance, endurance and so much more.

If you do not want to take too many Australian online supplements, then you can always fall back of the versatility of protein powder. A good protein powder can help you to build more muscle, get more energy and even help you burn excess fat. There are numerous protein powders available at Nutrient Direct, each with their own characteristics and specific functions. We also have protein powders in our stacks, which can be used to reach a specific fitness goal.

Start Simple

When you are new to the world of workouts, supplements and toning, it is best to keep your training simple in the beginning. To obtain a lean muscle mass, your muscles need the stress of weights to develop. The results obtained from simple lifts can help you prepare for more advanced training programs.

Female athletes should also consider that the body will react quickly to an increase in exercise, especially if the person in question has not exercised for a long time. Since chances will happen quickly, it can be a good idea to keep track of the changes and use the obtained changes as extra motivation.

Make Sure You Execute Correctly

When you just start out with training, lifting as much as possible is not the most important thing. The important aspect for beginners is making sure they are executing the exercises correctly. Workout machines in the gym can certainly help you with this, but asking a member of staff at your local gym for assistance will help you even more.

If there is nobody available to help you, or you have acquired a workout machine at home, make sure that your back is pressed flat on the bench or the back pad of the machine. Make sure you do not hyperextend knees or elbows when you do any type of presses.

Remain in Your Comfort Zone

Experienced athletes are often advised to get out of their comfort zone to achieve better results, but this rule does not apply to beginners, because they are more prone to developing an injury. Also, there is a psychological aspect that needs to be taken into consideration. When you leave exhausted, chances are likely you will not look forward to your next gym session.

Beginners need to feel good about their workout, instead of exhausted. Therefore, ensure you leave the gym energised and excited for your next workout session. You can still challenge yourself, but pushing yourself to the limit is not a good idea when you are just starting out. Over time, you will be able to do those rigorous workouts you want, but for now, keep training within your comfort zone until you have a solid training base.

Take Time to Recover

Not taking enough time to recover after training is another common mistake made by beginners, because they believe that more exercise with little breaks will give them even more results. To ensure you get enough rest, make sure you take one day rest between weightlifting sessions. If you do not recover fully after the first day, then you can take a second day to ensure your muscles are fully repaired.

Contrary to what many beginners believe, you only need two workouts a week to start seeing results. Of course, this does not apply to experienced athletes who already have a solid training base and do regular workouts. However, beginners will see results from two workouts a week if they have not exercised for a long period.

Do Not Rely Solely on Cardio

Weight training is important to gain lean muscle mass, but you will still need to do some cardio to optimise blood flow and ensure nutrients are getting to the right places. However, many women believe that cardio alone will give them with the thin and lean physique they want. Unfortunately, cardio alone will not give you the results you want. Therefore, always combine your cardio exercises with the right strength exercises to get the right results.

Get Enough Calories

Trying to lose excess fat does not mean you must cut down your calories to an extremely low amount. Professional trainers recommend a diet that contains at least 1,200 calories per day with an average weight loss of two pounds. When you lose more than that, it could mean that you are losing muscle, which hinders your progress for a leaner appearance.


Building muscle and losing excess fat is a matter of the right nutrition, exercise and possibility supplements to cover any nutritional gaps you have in your diet. Science has proven that crash diets and excessive exercise do not provide results for beginners, and that they could potentially be harmful for your general health. Therefore, women trying to get fit need to be smart about every aspect of their lifestyle, often with the help of a nutritionist or experienced personal trainer that can help you along the way.

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