How to Get Stronger and Toned

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted: 27 October 2016 

Being too thin is no longer trendy, but having a toned, healthy and firm body is. Therefore, many women use Australian online supplements in combination with good nutrition and exercise, so they can obtain a healthy and strong body. If you have been struggling to get your body more toned, please read our helpful tips below.

Australian Online Supplements May Help

Good nutrition and exercise are the cornerstones for a more toned and healthy body, but athletes tend to need more nutrients than people who are moderately active, since rigorous workouts will lead you to lose more essential nutrients. Therefore, the right Australian online supplements could help you reach your goal easier.

From all the Australian online supplements in our range, a protein powder supplement is a must. Protein powder from our range of Australian online supplements will provide your body with the necessary nutrients, but also help you to build more lean muscle mass. Of course, you must ensure that you obtain the right protein powder for your metabolism. While casein protein powders are good for people with extremely fast metabolisms, all other women should obtain a whey protein powder to get more benefit.

Do Not Focus on Cardio Alone

A common mistake made by many women can be found in their training program. A lot of female athletes want to get rid of their excess fat and get lean muscle. Unfortunately, this cannot be reached with cardio alone.

To obtain the lean physique you are after, you will need to incorporate some strength training at least three days a week. For your strength workout to be effective, you will need to do a minimum of two sets. You will also need to use weights that area heavy enough to give results and do at least twelve repetitions to get the lean muscle you want.

Strength exercises must be done in moderation though, because doing strength exercises excessively can impede your progress, because of injury or muscle breakdown. Therefore, make sure you give your body the proper nutrients during your strength training and do not push yourself to the point of injury.

Interval Training Can Be Useful

Of course, strength training is not the only type of training women should focus on, because cardio is still essential to increase your blood flow and burn off those excess calories. If you are looking for the right type of cardio to contribute to your new physique, interval training could be especially beneficial for you.

Interval training is a type of exercise where you switch between high-intensity and low-intensity training. Interval training will provide you with lean muscle, while avoiding your body getting too bulky.

There are some additional benefits accompanying interval training. These benefits include a faster metabolism and a better calorie burn. So, if you have some weight to lose, interval training should be added to your routine.

Make Sure You Stay Hydrated

Making sure you stay hydrated during training as well through the rest of the day, because dehydration can also stop your body from becoming more toned.

The symptoms of dehydration may vary in severity, since there is a mild, moderate and severe form of dehydration. The mild and moderate form of dehydration are usually accompanied by a dry mouth, sleepiness, tiredness, dry skin and headaches, while severe dehydration leads to more severe symptoms such as extreme thirst, irritability, confusion, sunken eyes and dry skin that does not bounce back. If you believe you are severe dehydrated, it is essential to contact a health professional right away for treatment.

Spread Your Meals

Those with a sluggish metabolism can boost their metabolism with supplements, but can also boost it by spreading their meals. By eating five or six small meals a day instead of three large meals, you boost your metabolism and protect yourself against overeating. Spreading your meals also ensures your body is fed with the nutrients it needs to create more lean muscle mass over time.

Add Protein to Your Meals

While supplements can provide you with all the protein you need to gain lean muscle, it is a good idea to incorporate the right amount of protein in your foods as well. Have a look at the amount of protein you consume through food and then add all the protein you are missing through a low-calorie protein supplement.

When you want to supplement with additional protein, consider that too much protein in your diet could hinder your progress. An excessive amount of protein can lead to fat gain and put more stress on your kidneys. Therefore, always seek advice from an experienced nutritionist or personal training, who can make sure your protein levels are right for your activity levels.

Do Not Forget About Carbohydrates

Cutting carbohydrates out of their diet is a common mistake made by women looking for a leaner appearance. In fact, carbohydrates are needed to fuel your body during training and to repair your muscles after a rigorous workout. When you do not eat enough carbohydrates, your muscles may not repair properly or you may lack energy during your training.

Carbohydrates can be obtained from foods such as whole grain bread, brown rice, pasta, oatmeal and potatoes. However, if you do not want to consume anything heavy before training, you can always use a carbohydrate supplement to provide you with the energy you need. These carbohydrate supplements can be combined with the right protein powder supplements.


Building a more toned body is a matter of logic. There is no magic pill to transform your body, nor can a leaner appearance be obtained through supplements alone. No, a lean appearance can be obtained through the right combination of diet, exercise and supplements that will fill any nutrient deficiencies caused by rigorous workouts. If you struggle to create such a plan, do not hesitate to hire the services of an experienced personal trainer, nutritionist or a health professional.

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