The Ultimate Guide to Clean Bulking!

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted: 27 October 2016 

When you want to bulk up, you may have to make some serious lifestyle changes. If you have been struggling, please read our information below to find out how you can bulk in a clean manner and how you can benefit from numerous Australian online supplements, which can increase the rate in which you progress.

Determine Your Goal

Before you start choosing your Australian online supplements or creating a training program, you must determine your goal. Most people do not have any excess fat to lose when they are trying to bulk up, so these people will have the primary goal of gaining muscle. However, if you want to look fitter, but have some weight to lose, then your primary goal will be weight loss first and foremost.

Keep Track of Your Progress

One of the most important things during your journey is tracking your progress. Seeing the changes over time may be motivating, but it can also help you to adjust your nutrition, exercise and Australian online supplements if you are not getting the desired results. Not tracking your progress is not advised, because you have no way of knowing if you are gaining properly.

Ensure You Get the Right Number of Calories

Whether you are using Australian online supplements to bulk up or not, athletes should always keep track of the number of calories they are consuming. If you want to bulk up, whether with the help of Australian online supplements or not, you will need the right number of calories to convert into muscle.

To bulk up properly, you will need to consume more calories than you burn. The most common mistake during this process is either eating too little calories, or doing too much cardio. If you are struggling keeping up the calories, you can always use a protein powder or a bulking agent to give your body the right nutrients.

Please note that eating more calories than you burn will make you gain fat and not muscle. Therefore, this fat must still be converted into muscle by proper exercise. So, instead of relying on protein powder and bulking agents alone, be sure to do exercise and convert fat the right way.

Do Not Forget About Cardio Training

Even if you do a tremendous amount of weight training and take a good protein powder, the combination of these two things is not necessarily a recipe for success, because you still need cardio.

To be successful, athletes need at least two cardio sessions a week, with each a half an hour in length. Doing cardio will keep your cardiovascular health in check, improve muscle pump and increase the amount of oxygen that can be taken into the cells.

Check Your Protein Intake

A lack of protein when trying to bulk up is quite common, so making sure you are getting the right amount of protein in your diet will be essential for success. While some people can obtain the right levels of protein from their regular food, experienced athletes trying to bulk up often need a protein powder to obtain the nutrients they need.

When in doubt regarding protein, please consult a nutritionist or health professional to determine if protein powder could be beneficial for you. A nutritionist or health professional can also provide you with additional recommendations for a healthy lifestyle.

Get Enough Rest

While exercise and nutrition is important, rest also contributes to your bulking up progress. Athletes grow outside the gym as well, since muscles need rest to repair and grow. Workouts should be considered as something that stimulates muscle growth, not something that changes your muscle mass on the spot.

If an athlete does not get enough rest, it could have a negative impact on their muscle growth. A lack of rest could mean the body cannot repair muscle after rigorous training, or could lead the athlete straight to injury.

Carbohydrates and Fats Are Needed

When you want to bulk up, you will need carbohydrates and good fats to fuel your body. Therefore, athletes should focus on more than just protein. Carbohydrates and good fats also support muscle growth, so do not reduce your intake of these nutrients to meet your daily protein intake.

If you are struggling to get the right amounts of a certain nutrient, you can supplement with one of our Australian online supplements. In addition to protein supplements, athletes can also count on carbohydrates, meal replacements, bulking agents and more.

Nutrients Are Needed After Training

Not providing the body with nutrients after training is also a common mistake made by inexperienced athletes, even though nutrition is more important after your training than it is during.

To maximise your muscle growth, you will need a good whey protein powder shake for after your workout. You could also use a fast absorbing carbohydrate, creatine monohydrate or glutamine after your training, which will make nutrients more effective and promote muscle repair.

Find Some Support

Bulking up on your own can be a challenge if you have little to no knowledge about the process. These athletes can find the necessary support though, because many staff members at your local gym will be able to help. You can also contact a personal trainer or a nutritionist to assist you during your bulking up journey.


Experienced athletes know exactly how to increase their muscle mass and bulk up, but beginners might struggle with the little details. Fortunately, bulking up is a journey that allows you to grow. By monitoring your progress, having the right exercise and nutrition routine and finding the right support, you can be successful despite not being that experienced.

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