A Guide to Staying in Shape During the Holiday Season

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted: 8 August 2016 

The holiday season can cause many obstacles for athletes. They are constantly confronted with unhealthy foods and the temptation of skipping a training routine. Fortunately, Nutrients Direct has some great tips for you this holiday season. Read our recommendations below to avoid falling victim to holiday season obstacles!

Start with Hydroxyshred

Athletes who want to enjoy some temptations during the holiday season should adjust their training and supplement routine accordingly. One of the supplements that can help you stay on track is Hydroxyshred, a thermogenic protein powder that promotes the release of stored fats and converts it into energy.

hydroxy shred

Hydroxyshred will be most effective when it is combined with a good training routine, so staying true to your regular workout will be recommended if you do not want to pile on the pounds during the festive season. Hydroxyshred may be an excellent fat burner, but you still need to put in some work for Hydroxyshred to function properly.

Make Time to Exercise

Even though the holiday season can be incredibly busy with parties and enormous dinners, making time to exercise and staying healthy needs to be one of your priorities. Take into account that unhealthy food and irregular sleeping times can interfere with the amount of energy you can take advantage of during your training.

Monitor Unhealthy Eating Habits

Unhealthy foods consumed during the holiday season can have an impact on the psyche. Many athletes notice they become less motivated to exercise and find it more tempting to skip a training session because they feel too tired or lethargic. For that reason, it is extremely important to monitor eating habits during this time. By monitoring what you have eaten, you become more aware of the problem and can take counteracting measures when they are needed.

Hydroxy Shred

Even if you enjoy some temptations during the holidays, try to stay on your regular diet routine when you are not at a party or a family dinner. Try to limit your intake of unhealthy foods as well, because too much unhealthy temptations can have a serious impact on your fitness levels.

Do Not Forget to Relax

Paying attention to your calorie intake and training routine can take its toll where stress is concerned. Your mind can be constantly preoccupied with “staying on the program”, which can cause a tremendous amount of stress. Many athletes know that stress can have a negative impact on physical fitness as well. It can cause you to eat unhealthier or lead to sleeping problems.

To avoid stress taking over your life, you must make some time to relax and just enjoy life. If you notice stress is becoming a negative denominator during your training in the holiday season, you could try adjusting with some calming exercises such as yoga or a brisk walk in nature.

When stress is taking the upper hand, you may want to have a look at your caffeine intake as well. Even though caffeine is great for weight loss and an increased performance, when you are stressed, it may cause problems that could affect your health. Taking your regular supplements should be fine, but try to avoid any additional caffeinated drinks such as coffee. 

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