Getting the Most from your Fat Burners: 5 Can’t Miss Tips and Tricks

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted: 8 August 2016 

Prepare yourself to maximise the effectiveness of your fat burner! Below, you can discover how you can increase the effectiveness of our most popular fat burner – ND Hydroxyshred. Say goodbye to obstacles and hello to your weight loss goals with these recommendations from our experts!

The Right Fat Burner

When you choose a fat burner, you will need a fat burner that can tackle multiple problems at once. While many fat burners focus on one particular problem, ND Hydroxyshred focusses on various problems at the same time.

hydroxy shred

The ingredients used in ND Hydroxyshred ensure an easier weight loss journey. These ingredients include green tea extract, L-carnitine, forskolin and other weight loss aids. The combination of these ingredients will give you benefits such as the stimulation of the metabolic rate, boosting the central nervous system, converting fat into energy and so much more.

At the end of the day, ND Hydroxyshred can give you a great boost during your training and help you achieve your weight loss goals at the same time. Therefore, ND Hydroxyshred is one of the best fat burners on the market today.

Supplements & Meals

When you want to get the most out of your fat burner, you will have to make sure that you take your supplement before your meals. Many fat burners on the market will contain an appetite suppressant, which will make sure you eat less. In addition to a reduced appetite, these ingredients can also help you avoid unwanted snacks and nibbles.

Do Not Use Fat Burners After 6

Many people do not realise that some of the fat burning ingredients in fat burning supplements also give us more energy. A good example of such an ingredient is caffeine, which is known to have numerous weight loss and energy supplying benefits.

When you take your fat burning supplement after 6 PM, the energy-supplying properties of some of the ingredients may interrupt your sleep. Naturally, sleep is necessary to build more muscle and to lose weight, so try to avoid taking a weight loss supplement in the evening.

hydroxy shred

Cycle Your Fat Burners

Fat burners have a tendency to become less effective over time, because the body starts to get used to the weight loss product. Because of the desensitisation to various ingredients, it is important to cycle your fat burner from time to time. Instead of taking your fat burner continuously, try taking a break from your fat burner for about a week.

Get Enough Protein

Even when you are on a diet, you will still need a good amount of protein to maintain your muscle mass and burn fat more effectively. Unfortunately, not everyone takes this into account when they are dieting, which leads to the loss of lean muscle mass and a reduced metabolic rate.

To ensure you are getting enough protein, use a fat burner that can supply you with essential proteins, such as Hydroxyshred. You can also supplement shortage of protein in your diet, for example by consuming more chicken or other protein-rich foods.

Data based on vanilla flavour ND Contour ND Hydroxyshred GARCINIA CAMBOGIA ACETYL L CARNITINE WHEATGRASS POWDER
Protein per serve (g) 18 25.9 0 0 0
Take For
Ingredients Whey & Casein Whey & Casein 100% garcinia cambogia 100% Acetyl Carnitine 100% Wheat grass
Carbs per serve (g) 2.1 3.1 0 0 0.5
Fat total per serve (g) 0.4 1.0 0 0 0.2
Sugars per serve (g) 1.7 2.6 0 0 0.2
Serving Size (g) 25 40   1 30
Serves per kilo 40 25 83 250 33
Additional Premium Ingredients Fat burners, fibre, colostrum Thermogenic whey protein blend to help build lean muscle and burn fat Hydroxy Citric Acid (HCA) is an ingredient found in the fruit rind of Garcinia cambogia 100% pharmaceutical grade Acetyl Carnitine 100% Wheat grass
Notes Female blend to build muscle and burn fat Fat burners, vitamins & minerals, colostrum Assists with appetite suppression and weight loss Releases stored body fats into the bloodstream Contains Chlorophy to help remove toxins
Flavours Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee, Strawberry Choc, Vanilla Natural Natural  

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