Benefit More from Training with ND Nox Rush (Pre-Workout)

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted: 27 October 2016 

Are you training hard, but is a lack of energy or concentration causing you not to get the most out of your workout? If so, then ND Nox Rush from our Australian online supplements range may provide the solution. ND Nox Rush is a powerful pre-workout blend with numerous athletic benefits. Read on to discover what they are and if this supplement from the Australian online supplements range is right for you.

What Does ND Nox Rush (Pre-Workout) Blend Do?

ND Nox Rush from the Australian online supplements range is a blend of nutrients, specifically developed to provide athletes with more energy, muscle pump and focus. By using this nutrient blend from our Australian supplements range, athletes can get more explosive workouts, energy and better results from their training.

What Ingredients Are Present in ND Nox Rush?

Nox Rush from the Australian online supplements range consists of ingredients specifically selected for their workout benefits; this include nitric oxide boosters for muscle pump and vasodilation, caffeine for energy, amino acids for muscle growth and muscle repair and beta-alanine and creatine monohydrate for better endurance.

Can I Use a Protein Blend for Similar Results?

In general, athletes can use a protein powder from our Australian online supplements range to obtain similar benefits. However, the type of protein powder you are using will heavily effect the benefits you are getting. While our Nox Rush blend is specifically designed for energy provision and muscle pump, most protein powders are created to provide you with better muscle repair and muscle recovery.

To ensure your protein powder is delivering the benefits you are after, it is essential to have a look at the product description of the protein powder in question. Is the main function of the protein powder muscle repair and muscle growth, or can it be used for other fitness goals?

What Other Methods Can I Use to Get More Energy?

Supplementing with ND Nox Rush can help you to obtain more energy, but there are additional things you can do to get the most out of your training. To get the most out of your workout, a combination of supplements and healthy lifestyle will be recommended.

Ensure You Are Getting the Right Nutrients

In some cases, athletes can start to feel more tired after a long, rigorous training program. These athletes often need to add more rest to their program, or could be suffering from a shortage in certain nutrients.

The heavier your exercise, the more likely you are short of nutrient. During rigorous exercise, our body depletes where vitamins and minerals are concerned. So, if you do not supplement with a vitamin-rich shake, carbs or protein after your workout, your body may break down muscle instead of building it. Nutrition is not only important during mealtimes, but also before, during and after your training.

Inactivity Leads to Weight Gain

Humans have become more inactive with all the conveniences we can take advantage of nowadays; this includes television, computer, tablets and all other things that make our life a little easier. However, having all these conveniences does mean we are less active in our daily lives and our body adjusts to that over time.

Let’s say you watch television for four hours a day, but still visit the gym on a regular basis. You will still stay fit, but you are more likely to become fatigued because of four hours of inactivity every day. The same applies to people who have a desk job, who are more likely to feel lethargic at the end of the day. Even though you do not engage in physical activity during the day, it does mean your body is more prone to get fatigued and to gain weight.

To avoid such problems, you can make minor changes in your everyday life. Instead of watching TV four hours straight, why not watch TV whilst walking on the treadmill for a half hour. You will feel so much better afterwards.

Stop Obsessing Over Energy

When you have suffered from a lack of energy over a long period, you may find yourself obsessing over the fact you are tired once again. Unfortunately, obsessing over the fact you do not have energy or the fact that you are tired again can cause you to feel more fatigued; this is the psychological aspect of fatigue that cannot be underestimated.

Naturally, there can be a medical reason for your fatigue. If you have not been to the doctor’s yet, be sure to book an appointment to rule out any underlying medical condition. Since fatigue is a general symptom, it is usually nothing to worry about, but it is better to rule out any underlying conditions if you are trying to get fitter.

Check Your Anxiety

Fatigue can also be caused by anxiety, so the question must be asked if you are an anxious person. If you are finding yourself constantly worrying about things to come or believe that you are more nervous than the average person, then anxiety may be the root cause of your fatigue. Fortunately, a psychologist can successfully help you to reduce your anxiety and indirectly increase your performance in the gym.

Monitor Your Sleep

Athletes suffering from extreme fatigue may be experiencing sleeping problems. If you on average sleep less than seven hours a night, then you are not getting enough sleep! Of course, there may also be underlying causes for sleeping problems; this includes but is not limited to sinus problems, sleep apnoea and more. Therefore, always get checked by a health professional if you believe a lack of sleep is causing your fatigue.


Fatigue and a lack of energy can have numerous causes, so it is certainly a good idea to consult a health professional to rule out any underlying medical conditions. If you get a clear bill of health, you will need to look at your lifestyle and evaluate your nutrition and training program. Tackling chronic fatigue problems is never about one thing, but a combination of fixes that can provide you with the energy you want.

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