Training for Sports Performance


Much like with strength, bodybuilding or endurance sports, the way you train needs to be tailored for the sport you play or the outcome that you want.

How relevant is a slow, heavy bench press for agility on the soccer field? How relevant is circuit work for a power lifter? If you need to move fast, train fast. If you need to be strong, lift heavy.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach here given the varied nature of sports. There are however some overlapping factors. Most sport would involve some degree of strength, agility, power, speed and endurance. Therefore a hybrid approach that targets all areas may be a good start.

Cross-Fit or circuit style training whereby a series of complementary, whole-body/compound movements linked in rapid succession can be very effective. Just try to include as many movements that are relevant to your sport as possible.

The following programs are a sample of a few things that a basketball player would do to increase their performance. To improve athletic performance on the basketball court a player must improve their explosiveness, vertical leap, strength and overall speed around the court. This is achieved by doing speed drills outside (or on the court) and by spending time in the gym.