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Recognising the importance of natural products which are becoming increasingly popular, Nutrients Direct has developed a Naturals range. Naturally flavoured and sweetened protein powders that don’t have an artificial taste like many products on the market.

We also include our Greens Powders under the Naturals range. Greens Powders can be helpful in supplementing a diet that is deficient in fruits and vegetables, helping to increase energy and boost recovery, antioxidant status and bone health.


  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Shown to support increased energy and focus
  • High in vitamins, minerals and amino acids

From $49.00


  • Great source of soluble fibre
  • Promotes regularity and digestive health
  • Assists with weight control

From $15.00

  • Fast absorbing protein
  • Assists with muscle growth and repair
  • High in branched chain amino acids and colostrum
  • High in branched chain amino acids and colostrum

From $35.00

  • Fast absorbing protein
  • Assists with muscle growth and repair
  • High in branched chain amino acids and colostrum
  • High in branched chain amino acids and colostrum

From $49.00


  • Great source of natural dietary fibre
  • Promotes regularity
  • Supports heart health and lower cholesterol levels

From $25.00


  • Natural superfood
  • Shown to support increased energy
  • High in protein, vitamins and minerals

From $65.00


  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Shown to support increased energy
  • High in vitamins, minerals and enzymes

From $39.00

Tired of Supplements with too Many Added Chemicals? Check Out Our Range of Natural Supplements Today!

Natural supplements are becoming increasingly more important for athletes around the globe, which is why Nutrients Direct has created a range of natural supplements to help you reach your fitness goals in a healthy manner. Read on to discover some of our natural supplements and how they can help you reach your fitness goals!

ND Naturals Complete

Athletes looking for a meal replacement without any added chemicals should consider the ND Naturals Complete; this is one of our natural supplements that has the perfect blend of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, the meal replacement only contains natural flavours.

Consumers using our ND Natural Complete has numerous benefits. The high levels of protein in ND Naturals Complete will silent those pesky hunger pains as well as release a steady stream of amino acids in the bloodstream, which will assist with lean muscle growth. Athletes will also get enough energy from our ND Naturals complete, considering it has all the carbohydrates needed for a good energy boost.

ND Naturals complete is suitable for athletes who tend to experience some digestive distress when using certain supplements. The formula of ND Naturals Complete contains a soluble dietary fibre, which regulates and aids digestive health; this makes the digestion of the supplement a little easier for those prone to digestive problems.

Those who choose ND Naturals Complete as a meal replacement will be able to choose from two flavours, more specifically chocolate and vanilla. It is recommended to use ND Natural Complete once or twice a day to replace your normal meal.

ND Naturals WPC

Whether you need a natural supplement for weight loss, muscle building or your general health and fitness, ND Naturals WPC contains all the nutrients needed to reach your goal. To enable athletes to fully benefit from this supplement, Nutrients Directs has used ultrafiltered Australian WPC in combination with a semi-permeable membrane technology; this ensures a higher bioavailability than most WPC supplements on the market today.

The ND Naturals WPC contains high levels of branched chain amino acids. These branched chain amino acids are used by our body to aid with muscle growth as well as muscle repair. The branched chain amino acids are of a medium digesting nature; this means that the body of the athlete will be fuelled with these valuable branched chain amino acids of a longer period of time.

To avoid “bad” sweeteners in their supplements, Nutrients Direct went to look for a natural sweetener. The sweetener they found was stevia, a sugar substitute that could be extracted from the stevia plant. Stevia is also used in our ND Naturals WPC, which makes ND Naturals WPC a natural alternative to other WPC supplements.

ND Naturals WPI

Our ND Naturals WPI supplement is commonly used for weight loss, performance enhancement, muscle building and contributes to general health and wellbeing as well. The supplement is made with a premium cross flow micro filtered and ultrafiltered WPI; this WPI is also rich in essential amino acids and branched chain amino acids. Both essential amino acids and branched chain amino acids will assist the athlete with muscle growth.

Amongst some of the most popular WPI supplements on the market today, ND Naturals WPI has the highest bioavailability. In addition to that, the supplement hardly contains any fat or carbohydrates, which makes the supplement quite suitable for those who want to lose some weight. 

To give ND Naturals WPI a nice yet sweet flavour, Nutrients Direct uses the natural sweetener stevia, a natural sugar substitute obtained from the stevia plant. To ensure everyone likes the flavour of their WPI shake, Nutrients Direct also offers this shake in chocolate and vanilla flavour.

For maximum results, it is recommended to take ND Naturals WPI after training. By doing so, athletes can actively reduce their muscle soreness and increase their muscle recovery rate after an intensive workout. 


Inulin is a supplement based on the inulin extract from the chicory root. It can be considered as a dietary fibre as well, which means it is certainly suitable for athletes with an inability to digest certain supplements.

The dietary fibre inulin has been featured in the media because of its effectiveness and its easy digestion abilities, more specifically in the ABC program ‘How to Stay Young’. Inulin is effective for athletes for many different reasons as well. Not only does it promote digestive health, it also assists with weight control and can be used in cooking and baking.

Barley Grass Powder

Athletes around the world are quite familiar with the nutritional benefits of Barley Grass Powder. The supplement contains high levels of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids. Subsequently, this supplement can also deliver good antioxidant benefits.

One of the additional benefits of Barley Grass Powder that should definitely be mentioned here is its high chlorophyll levels. Chlorophyll has been known to support oxygenated blood. In other words, this substance gives the athlete more energy and focus during their training. Chlorophyll also has an alkalising property, so it can be used to counter the effects of consuming acidic foods.

Psyllium Husk

Psyllium Husk is a common ingredient in natural supplements and is derived from the Plantago plant. The Plantago plant is a native Indian plant and is commonly known as a dietary fibre. Therefore, the supplement is often added to healthy foods such as cereal. 

The Psyllium Husk is most used as a weight loss supplement, but it carries other benefits as well. The supplement has shown to support heart health, lower cholesterol and plays an active role in controlling diabetes. 

Considering the fact that people who want to lose weight need to mind their calories, their supplements cannot have a lot of calories in them. Fortunately, the Psyllium Husk only contains a total of 8 calories per serving. 

More Natural Supplements On Nutrients Direct

The above mentioned supplements are just a few natural supplements Nutrients Direct has in stock. In addition to the supplements already mentioned, customers can also come to Nutrients Direct for other options such as Spirulina and Wheatgrass Powder. Check out our entire range today and benefit from these natural supplement options!

Supplements in our naturals range provide you with an alternative to most online supplements, which usually contain artificial flavourings and colourings. While some artificial flavourings and colourings are harmless when taken in minor quantities, when you use supplements daily, you might be concerned about the impact of artificial colourings and flavourings on the human body. To cater to these athletes, Nutrients Direct has created an entire range of natural supplements. The supplements in this range do not contain artificial colourings and flavourings, but natural flavourings and colourings such as stevia.

The naturally sweetened and flavoured supplements inside our naturals range are quite diverse. Customers can find some essentials, which includes whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate. Aside from the essentials, we also offer many green powders; this includes Barley Grass Powder, Inulin, Psyllium Husk and Wheatgrass Powder. Still, switching from your regular supplements to natural supplements can be a big step, because athletes have no idea how their body will respond. Fortunately, Nutrients Direct can provide you with a free sample of your desired natural supplement. After using this sample, you can determine if our naturals range is right for you. Of course, you can also browse our other categories to find supplements that contain stevia instead of artificial flavourings.