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Spirulina is an algae that is grown in freshwater and is well known for its nutritional benefits being high in protein, vitamins and minerals. Spirulina is considered a natural superfood and with its high levels of nutrients is said to be an immune boosting food and powerful anti-oxidant.

Discover Spirulina and Benefit from Natural Nutrients to Gain Muscle or Lose Weight

Our range of natural supplements can provide athletes with the right nutrients to gain muscle or lose weight. Spirulina is one of our natural supplements that covers both, because this powerful supplement can assist you during your weight loss journey and increase your muscle mass at the same time. Learn more about this green powder from our natural supplements range to decide if it is right for you.

What Is Spirulina?

Spirulina from our natural supplements range is a substance that belongs to the cyanobacterium family, better known under the general term blue-green algae. Spirulina can be divided into two subcategories as well, more specifically Arthrospira platensis and Arthrospira maxima.

Athletes will find that Spirulina has many applications, not only in our range of natural supplements as a dietary supplement, but also in the world of whole foods. The effectiveness of this supplement also caused manufacturers to produce this supplement in many different forms, more specifically tablets, flakes and powders.

What Nutrients Are Present in Spirulina?

The specific nutrients present in Spirulina will be subject to the manufacturer of the supplement. To give you a better idea of how rich Spirulina is in nutrients, you can find an overview of common nutrients inside this supplement below.


One of the main nutrients found in dried Spirulina is protein. Most Spirulina supplements will contain an average of 60% protein, which could prove beneficial for lean muscle gains and muscle gains in general.

The proteins inside Spirulina are also seen as complete proteins; this means that Spirulina contains all nine essential amino acids. However, Spirulina contains a lesser amount of methionine, cysteine and lysine compared to animal-based protein supplements, which you may have to take into account when you are searching for another supplement complementing this protein supplement.

Additional Nutrients

Spirulina is not only rich in proteins, it contains a healthy amount of B vitamins as well, for example thiamine and riboflavin. Spirulina also contains certain dietary minerals, which includes iron and manganese.

How Do I Make My Spirulina Shake?

To make your Spirulina shake, add 5 grams of the supplement to your preferred amount of water or fruit juice. Many athletes use fruit juice to absorb the supplement in the body quicker, although it may not be the best choice for people on a diet due to the added sugars.

Spirulina can be used one to two times a day. It is recommended to introduce Spirulina into your diet gradually, mainly because of the detoxification process that accompanies this particular supplement.

Are There Similar Supplements That Can Provide Multiple Benefits?

There are a few supplements at Nutrients Direct that may provide you with more than one benefit where fitness is concerned. To uncover these additional supplements, please read our overview of versatile supplements below.

Hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate (HWPI)

Hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate is one of the most versatile supplements on the market today, so it is no surprise that Hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate (HWPI) is a popular addition to the diet of many athletes with a variety of fitness goals.

The hydrolysed version of whey protein is one of the fastest absorbing proteins available in supplement format. The supplement is obtained by subjecting whey protein with specific enzymes, which turn normal whey into a pre-digested form of whey. The result is a protein supplement with high levels of essential amino acids, branched chain amino acids and bioactive peptide fractions.

Due to the various nutrients present in Hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate (HWPI), the supplement can be used for fitness goals such as weight loss, sports performance, muscle building, endurance and women’s fitness. The supplement is also available in many different flavours, so you are bound to find a flavour you’ll enjoy.

Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC)

Whey Protein Concentrate provides the same benefit as Hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate, but is absorbed and digested a little slower than other forms of whey protein. That being said, Whey Protein Concentrate is still very effective for the previously described fitness goals, since it is a supplement with a high bioavailability and high levels of branched chain amino acids to promote muscle growth and muscle repair.

Whey Protein Isolate (WPI)

Whey Protein Isolate is another type of whey protein and equally as effective as Whey Protein Concentrate and Hydrolysed Whey if used in the correct manner. To provide athletes with a high quality supplement, Nutrients Direct uses a crow-flow micro and ultra-filtering process, ensuring the protein supplement maintains its high levels of essential amino acids and branched chain amino acids.

Calcium Caseinate

Not everyone requires a quick absorbing protein to reach their fitness goals, because some athletes find a slow-release protein supplement more valuable for muscle repair, muscle maintenance and sports performance. Calcium Caseinate is such a protein supplement and is often used between meals and before bedtime.

Micellar Casein

Micellar Casein is a supplement similar to Calcium Caseinate and is the purest form of casein available on the market today. The supplement is suitable for a variety of fitness goals, which includes sports performance, muscle building and endurance, since the supplement provides athletes with the purest form of casein possible.

Similar to Calcium Caseinate, Micellar Casein can provide athletes with unique muscle repair and muscle maintenance benefits through the slow-release abilities of the casein proteins in this supplement.

In some cases, athletes combine the fast-absorbing proteins in whey supplements with the slow-absorbing proteins in casein supplements, because the combination of both can keep the body in an anabolic state.


Versatile supplements such as Spirulina are used by a large number of athletes, simply because it is suitable for so many different fitness goals. Of course, obtaining your fitness goal is not only dependent on the supplements you take, but also on the exercise you do and the foods you eat. To reach your fitness goal in a healthy way, always embark on a weight loss or muscle gain journey under the supervision of an experienced nutritionist or a licensed health professional.

Even though there are other supplements that can provide you with the same benefits as spirulina, most supplements with similar benefits will contain artificial flavourings and colourings. These chemical substances are compounds Nutrients Direct try to avoid in their supplements, so our naturals range was created to provide athletes an alternative to supplements packed with harmful chemicals. While most artificial flavourings and colourings are harmless in small quantities, most athletes consume a considerable number of supplements with these substances daily. Therefore, an alternative to these supplements were certainly necessary.

Nutrients Direct prides itself on the content of its supplements, because natural flavourings are not only used in our naturals range. Nutrients Direct prefers to use a natural flavouring called stevia; a sweetener obtained from the stevia plant. The benefit of stevia is that the sweetener is naturally obtained from a plant, and contains no sugar or carbohydrates. Studies in Japan have also proven that Stevia is useful for patients with diabetes, because there is a connection between the use of stevia and an increase in insulin sensitivity, blood-glucose reduction and the delay of insulin development. Many suppliers are therefore looking at stevia as a permanent alternative for artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and saccharin. 



Serving size: 5g
Servings per package: 1kg – 200, 5kg – 1000


Average Quantity Per Serving

Average Quantity Per 100g
Energy 75 kJ 1490 kJ
(18 Cal) (356 Cal)
Protein (dry basis) 3.2 g 64.5 g
Fat, total 0.2 g 4.0 g
- Saturated 0.0 g 0.0 g
Carbohydrate 1.0 g 19.0 g
- Sugars 0.0 g 0.0 g
Sodium 0 mg 0 mg
Potassium 0 mg 0 mg

Ingredients: 100% spirulina
May contain traces of cereals containing gluten, soybeans, milk, tree nuts, sesame seeds and their products.

Formulated Supplementary Sports Food.
This product is not to be used as a sole source of nutrition and should be consumed in conjunction with a nutritious diet and an appropriate physical training or exercise program.

Not suitable for children under 15 years of age or pregnant women. Should only be used under medical or dietetic supervision.

Made in Australia from local and imported ingredients.


Directions for use:

As a dietary supplement consume 5g (1 heaped teaspoon) with your preferred amount of water or fruit juice once to twice daily.

Serving suggestion:

Spirulina should be taken once to twice daily although gradually introduced to the diet to allow for any reaction to the detoxification process.


100% Spirulina powder.

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