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Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted: 27 October 2016 

If you have tried losing weight in the past, but have been unsuccessful, the following article may be very interesting to you. In this busy world, it is very easy to fall into unhealthy eating habits and we often find it difficult to find the time to exercise. To find out how you can lose weight effectively and healthily, please read our information below.

Get a Digital Calorie Tracker

No matter how you spin it, the number of calories you consume daily will affect your weight; therefore, calorie counting is still one of the most effective ways to lose weight. However, busy lifestyles often get in the way of counting calories, which often leads to people failing to keep on track with what they are eating.

There are many applications and programs that cater to a busy lifestyle nowadays, which means dieters can still track their calories without having to spend hours on a dairy. Online applications even allow you to scan in the barcode of products and instantly upload the calories to your online dairy. Scanning in a barcode only takes a couple of seconds, so keeping an online food dairy does not have to be difficult or time consuming.

Drink Water Before Mealtimes

Science has proven that drinking water before mealtimes could be beneficial for weight. Studies indicated that a simple thing such as drinking water before your meal could boost your metabolism by an amazing 30%, and this for a period up to 1.5 hours! In addition to boosting your metabolism, drinking water before your meal can also reduce your appetite and the number of calories you consume during mealtimes, since research shows that drinking water a half hour before your meal enables dieters to eat fewer calories and increases weight loss by a whopping 44%.

Caffeine Is Not Always Bad

Coffee has a bad reputation with most people, but this bad reputation is unfounded in some ways. While the caffeine inside coffee can prevent a good night sleep, it can promote weight loss by boosting your metabolism and increase fat burning to 29%. Coffee also contains numerous antioxidants, the substances that fight free radicals and subsequently provide various health benefits to consumers.

Those who cannot consume high amounts of caffeine, but still want to take advantage of its benefits as well as antioxidants, should consider green tea. Green tea does not contain the high levels of caffeine find in most coffees and contains valuable antioxidants called catechins. More even, catechins have shown to cooperate with caffeine to enhance fat burning, so green tea is the ideal drink for dieters looking to boost their weight loss.

Get Some Coconut Oil

Many people use coconut oil for their hair nowadays, since coconut oil provides great benefits to men and women suffering from dandruff. However, coconut oil can have weight loss benefits when used for cooking!

Coconut oil contains specific fats called medium chain triglycerides. Compared to other fats present in foods, medium chain triglycerides are metabolised a lot quicker. Studies have shown that medium chain triglycerides can increase the metabolism by 120 calories daily, but also the ability to reduce the appetite and reduce daily calorie consumption by 256 calories per day.

Say Goodbye to Added Sugars

Dieters who do not have problems sticking to their diet, but still consume a lot of products containing added sugars will find that their weight loss progress is considerably slower than the weight loss progress of dieters that do not consume these sugars. To increase your weight loss progress, be sure to cut out some of those added sugars from your diet.

Manage Your Portion Control

Portion control is a problem for many people trying to change their lifestyle. Most people suffering from overweight are used to very large portions, so switching to lower portions can be problematic in the beginning.

For dieters, it is important to realise that the negative feelings experienced during the first week of any diet are not permanent. The body will try to fight the new portions in the beginning, providing you with “fake” hunger feelings and increasing your appetite in the hope to obtain more food. While supplements can help you to reduce these negative feelings, it is vital to realise that the body is trying to trick you into eating more than you need.

Being aware of your portions is the first step towards successful weight loss and weight management. Always look at your plate objectively, instead of looking at it with emotion.

The Benefits of a Meal Replacement

When you live a busy lifestyle, it can be difficult to always find the time to eat healthy; this is where a meal replacement from our Australian online supplements range may be beneficial. One of the meal replacements from our Australian online supplements range can provide you with the nutrients you need, without an excess number of calories. The meal replacements in our Australian online supplements range can also have some additional benefits, such as supressing appetite and reducing hunger cravings. So, if your diet has failed in the past because of problems with unhealthy snacks, then be sure to consider a meal replacement from our Australian online supplements range.

Using a Protein Powder

In addition to a meal replacement from our Australian online supplements range, a protein powder may help you during your weight loss journey as well. Protein powder has shown great benefits for weight loss, more specifically by supressing appetite but also increasing muscle mass. By creating more muscle with a protein powder, your body will find it easier to burn more calories, since more muscle mass also means more calorie burn.

Athletes do need to consider that the use of a protein powder alone does not necessarily mean weight loss success. No matter which supplement you use, you always need to combine it with healthy eating habits and plenty of exercise to benefit fully.

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