Author: Team ND   Date Posted: 29 May 2015 

It’s no secret that runners get attached to their shoes. These companions have traveled with you on the open road as you work to complete personal fitness goals. Now that Winter's well underway and you’re kick-starting your Summer body, it might be time to get a new pair of running shoes! But how do you know, though, when it is time to retire your running shoes?


1. The Push Test: Put one hand inside your shoe, then press on the sole with your other hand. If you can feel your fingers through the shoe, most likely your sole is worn thin or the cushioning has become compressed.


2. The Sniff Test: Do your shoes smell bad, even after your wash them? Do your gym bag a favor and splurge on a new pair.


3. The Soreness Test: Take note of your body. Do you notice extra muscle fatigue, shin splints or joint pain—especially in your knees? That could be an indication that the bounce is gone in your trusty sneakers.


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