Amplify your Supplement Routine

Author: Team ND   Date Posted: 16 February 2015 

Previously we discussed how to match supplements to your goal.

This blog would have provided you some insight when it comes to which supplements to consider taking. But did you know that you can stack them with other supplements to make them even more useful?


Today we want to share a technique to maximise the effect of supplements so that you can reach your fitness goals in far less time. Industry call it “stacking.” Spend less time worrying and feel more confident when shopping for your supplements by learning how to stack and amplify your supplement routine!

What’s a stack you ask? A stack is when you combine different supplements that work together. You may have heard of the phrase “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” - that’s what stacking is.

Confused about what you need for a great stack routine? We have specially formulated six supplement stacks to help unleash the full potential of supplements:


Weight Loss Stack

Sometimes you have a supplement that works fine individually, but when combined with other supplements, its effects can be amplified!

The easiest example for that is Hydroxy Citric Acid (HCA). HCA itself is good. BUT, if you combine Acetyle L Carnitine, it's shown to help aid fat loss even further. If you add on a nutritional meal replacement such as ND Complete, you should see results occur even faster. Add on a shaker and digital scales and there you have the ultimate weight loss stack for under $150!

If weight loss isn't your primary goal and perhaps you are looking to build mass muscle or improve your sports performance, then have a look to our five other specialised stacks.


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