"My Aching Legs!" 6 Ways to Ease Muscle Soreness

Author: Team ND   Date Posted: 4 August 2014 

Check out these tips to minimise muscle soreness and you’ll be recovered and back at the gym in no time!

1. Ice Bath: After a hard workout, take a dip in a cold plunge, typically 13 degrees celsius or below and aim to stay in for about five minutes.
2. Massage: Even just a 10-minute massage will help ease soreness but if you can spring for a 60-minute deep tissue massage you’ll feel like a whole new person!
3. Light Exercise: Go for a brisk walk or hit the stationary bike to get your muscles moving and on their way to recovery. Nothing too intense, but some movement will get your blood flowing and will allow more oxygen into the muscles, helping them to heal.
4. Foam Rolling: Another way to massage your muscles; foam rollers get deep into the pain. Using a foam roller, put pressure on your sore muscles, giving yourself a targeted massage. Check out LIVESTRONG.COM for all-things foam rolling.
5. Compression Socks: By tossing on a pair of these super tight socks you will stimulate blood flow, which will help speed up your recovery.
6. Drink Up: In addition to a healthy serving of water; cherry juice and caffeine have also been found to ease muscle pain. Make sure not to overdo it; too much caffeine can lead to muscle spasms!!

Next time you’re in pain, thank yourself for the solid workout, recover and then get back at it!