How To Choose A Protein Powder

Author: Team ND   Date Posted: 25 November 2014 


If you’re living a busy, active life, protein powder often comes in handy! The real trouble is in choosing which to throw in the blender or shaker. WheyCaseinSoy? A vegan blend of pea and brown rice proteins? Protein powders vary, so determining why you want to use one is an important first step. Are you looking to gain muscle? Do you want to "get toned"? Is this for post workout recovery? Do you need to supplement your diet because you are lacking in food sources of protein?If it's for muscle gain and recovery, choose a higher calorie protein powder that includes a carbohydrate source. If you're looking to lose or manage weight, a complete protein with fewer calories is better. "Whey and casein are ideal for muscle gain and getting toned. They're also great for recovery," says Josh. Whey is much more quickly and easily digested than casein, though, so it's better for a morning or post-workout boost. If it's about overall health, you may want to try alternating between a dairy-based and a vegetable-based option.


Click on the below goals to help you choose the right protein for your fitness goals..


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