Matching Your Supplements To Your Goal

Author: Team ND   Date Posted: 16 February 2015 

In a previous Insider blog we discussed How to Choose a Protein Powder to Match Your Goal.

This should have provided you some clarity when it comes to which protein powder to consider taking.

Today we want to discuss how to match your supplements so that you can reach your goals in far less time.

Supplements are, without a doubt, one of the most significant aspects of a bodybuilder's regime. Often, they are the difference between good results, and great results.

The real trouble is in choosing which to throw in the shaker. Creatine MonohydrateDextrose MonohydrateGlutamine Peptides. A natural does of Wheatgrass and Barley Grass Powder?

Supplements vary, so determining why you want to use one is an important first step. Are you looking to gain muscle? Do you want to "get toned"? Is this for post workout recovery? Do you need to supplement your workout because you are lacking energy?

If it's for weight loss, choose a supplement that assists with appetite suppression. "If you're looking to bulk up, Creatine Monohydrate and AAKG are ideal for muscle gain and getting toned. They're also great for recovery," says Josh. If it's about overall health, you may want to try alternating between Psyllium Husk or a green powder option.

Click on the below link to help you choose the most suitable supplements to meet your post-workout or everyday nutritional needs..


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Next we will be talking about a technique to maximise the effect of supplements so that you can reach your fitness goals in far less time.


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