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Nutrients Direct’s custom pouches come in two sizes – the smaller pouch can hold anywhere up to 500g of supplements whilst the larger pouch can hold 1kg of protein or amino acids.

Ideal when buying in bulk and needing to divide or mix up your protein or supplements, our resealable pouches are food safe and have excellent barrier properties to ensure your supplements are kept fresh at all times.

Divide and Conquer with the Nutrients Direct Pouches!

Many athletes buy their nutrients supplements in bulk, because this can save them a considerable amount of money over the course of time. However, when you buy Australian online supplements in bulk, you might find it hard to keep your nutrient supplements on you, because the quantity is simply too much to keep with you at all times. Fortunately, you can count on the Nutrients Direct pouches, which enables you to carry a pre-measured number of nutrient supplements with you at all times.

What Size Pouches Can I Buy for My Australian Online Supplements?

To ensure you have the right size pouch for all your nutrient supplements, Nutrients Direct offers the pouch in three sizes; this includes pouches able to contain 250 grams, 1 kilogram and 5 kilograms of your preferred protein powder or another supplement.

The Nutrients Direct pouches are not only used by individual athletes who buy their protein powders and other nutrient supplements in bulk, but also by gyms and personal trainers who want to provide Nutrients Direct products to their customers. Trainers and gyms put their trust in Nutrients Direct because of our high quality nutrient supplements, also because of the availability of all nutritional information in regard to protein powders, carbohydrates and all other supplements on our website. For example, when you look to purchase a protein powder from Nutrients Direct, you will find a clear product description accompanied by a lab report and all the nutritional values, so athletes, trainers and gym owners immediately know what they are buying.

Why Should I Purchase Australian Online Supplements in Bulk?

Purchasing protein powders, carbohydrates and even our pantry items in bulk can be very beneficial for gyms and trainers, but also individual customers. When you use protein supplements on a regular basis, you will notice that buying single protein supplement over the course of time actually costs you more money than stocking up on larger quantities once every few months.

Considering supplement manufacturers prefer selling larger quantities, they often provide a reduced price on supplements when they are sold in such a large quantity. Of course, if you need several supplement, this may become a little more complicated. However, you can always purchase your main protein powder in bulk and purchase smaller quantities of supplements you do not necessarily use on a daily basis.

Can I Save Money on Australian Online Supplements in Other Ways?

Buying nutrient supplements in bulk can save a considerable amount of money over the course of time, but Nutrients Direct likes to reward their loyal customers in another way as well. When you shop for supplements at Nutrients Direct, you are automatically eligible for our Muscle Money Program, which can give you a serious discount on your supplements over time.

So how does the Nutrients Direct Muscle Money Program work exactly? Well, when you sign up as a customer on Nutrients Direct, you are automatically given a free membership for our Muscle Money program, so when you make a purchase on our website on your account, you will be rewarded for that purchase.

When you look at the available supplements on Nutrients Direct, you will notice that each supplement is accompanied by a certain number of muscle points. Each quantity of that supplement also has a different amount of muscle points, so if you purchase a larger quantity of a certain supplement, you will be rewarded more of those muscle points. Athletes can collect muscle points over time and use them later on to get a serious discount on their supplement order.

To redeem your muscle points, log in to your account and select the supplements you with to purchase with your awarded muscle points. During the checkout process, add the number of muscle points you wish to use on your order. Then, click on the “redeem muscle money” link. Once you have done this, the points will be converted into currency and deducted off the total amount owed.

Customers cannot only earn muscle points by making purchases on Nutrients Direct, because we also offer muscle money points for referrals. If you are a personal trainer, gym owner or simply an athlete with a number of friends that can use supplements, you can become a referrer for Nutrients Direct and earn a whopping 5 muscle points for each dollar they spend in our store. If one of your friends or customers spends a hundred dollars, it means you could get an amazing 500 muscle points on your account.

Does Nutrients Direct Offer Other Accessories in the Australian Online Supplements Range?

In addition to the Nutrients Direct pouches, which enable you to handle bulk orders of supplements a little easier, customers can obtain other useful accessories from Nutrients Direct! In addition to the pouches, customers can also obtain the Nutrients Direct Digital Scales and Shakers.

We do need to mention that accessories do not necessarily have to be bought individually, because all accessories are included in our supplement stacks as well. If you have a specific fitness goal in mind, and want to use multiple supplements, then be sure to look at our supplement stacks and take advantage of our quality supplements and accessories at the same time!

The Nutrients Direct accessories can also be bought in bulk by gym owners and personal trainers, which could earn the customer a lot more muscle point, but also offer them nice discounts on the accessories themselves. So if you are planning to use Nutrients Direct as a supplier for all your supplements and supplement related accessories, be sure to have a look at our bulk deals.

Check Out Our Great Deals Today!

Thanks to our options to order in bulk and save extra money with our Muscle Money Program, there is no limit to the benefits you can obtain from joining Nutrients Direct. So whether you are an individual athlete, gym owner or personal trainer, take advantage of our amazing deals today and save some money on quality supplements!

Obtaining some pouches from Nutrients Direct can help travelling athletes to keep their supplements manageable. Instead of having to drag your entire supply with you, simply take one of our pouches to the gym with a weighed amount of supplement. If you do not have anything to weigh your supplements with, you can also acquire a digital scale from Nutrients Direct, which makes it a lot easier for you to get the right amount of nutrients in your shake!

Before you obtain one of our accessories, be sure to look at our supplements stacks too. Our supplement stacks tend to contain many accessories, so you might not have to obtain them separately if you obtain one of our stacks. The stacks are also recommended for athletes who intend to use more than one supplement to reach their fitness goals, since each of our stacks are created to reach a certain training goal. Our supplement stacks are also accompanied by a lot of muscle points, which you can use to accumulate some nice discounts on your account. Not quite sure if our supplements are right for you? Take advantage of a free sample provided by Nutrients Direct today and see for yourself if our supplements are the right option for you!


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