Discover More about the Supplements at Nutrients Direct to Reach Your Fitness Goals!

At Nutrients Direct, athletes will find numerous categories filled with supplements that could give them the help they need to reach their desired fitness goal. If this is your first time at Nutrients Direct, be sure to read on, because we are about to tell you a little more about each of our supplement categories!


The proteins range at Nutrients Direct provides you with all the supplements needed for muscle growth, muscle repair, muscle maintenance and even weight loss. The range is divided into several subcategories, each providing a specific type of protein. In our extensive range of protein supplements, athletes can find popular choices such as whey and casein proteins, but also other less-known options such as pea, rice and soy protein supplements. In short, there is a suitable protein supplement for every type of athlete.


Our formulas range makes it easier for athletes to find a supplement based on their fitness goals. Inside this particular range, customers can find everything from meal replacements and bulking agents to electrolyte blends and fat burners. If you already know what you are looking for; this particular category will be most interesting to you.


Athletes who are not fond of artificial flavourings in their supplements, or who are experiencing side-effects with certain types of artificial sweeteners, will find the supplement they need in our naturals range. All the supplements in our naturals range do not contain any artificial sweeteners, because Nutrients Direct uses a natural sweetener called stevia for all supplement options in this particular category.

In addition to an extensive range of naturally flavoured and sweetened proteins and meal replacements, our naturals range also contains a selection of green powders. These green powders can be used for a variety of fitness goals, which includes but is not limited to weight loss, muscle building and general health.


Our supplements range is meant for athletes who have had some degree of experience with supplement use in the past. The range is divided into three main categories, so that athletes can easily find the specific type of supplement they are looking for.

The supplements range at Nutrients Direct contains common yet valuable supplement options; this includes amino acids, creatine and weight-loss specific combinations. To find out more information about a specific supplement, please click on the product name to visit the product description page.


A good range of fitness supplements would not be complete without a range of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are one of the body’s main sources of energy, so if you are lacking energy in the gym, it may hinder you reaching your fitness goal. If this is the case, we can certainly recommend looking at our carbs range and try one of the options for some quick energy.

Nutrients Direct has some of the classic carb options in its range, which includes Dextrose Monohydrate, Instant Oats, Maltodextrin and Waxy Maize Starch. Not quite sure which one will benefit you? Head over to the carbs pages for more information or contact Nutrients Direct to speak to one of our experts.


The Nutrients Direct Stacks range is specifically designed for athletes who need to combine a number of supplements, but always struggle to determine the right combination. In our Stacks range, athletes will be able to find bundles containing supplements for their specific fitness goal, for example muscle building, sports performance or weight loss.


Athletes who are not a big fan of the traditional protein shakes have nothing to worry about when they shop at Nutrients Direct, since our pantry range will become their new place to go. In our pantry range, athletes can find protein-rich alternatives to the basic protein shake, for example our protein pancakes. Instead of dreading your protein shake, why not try our protein pancakes and still enjoy the benefits of a good supplement.


When you use a supplement on a regular basis, you may find one of our accessories useful. At Nutrients Direct, you can find digital scales to weigh your exact dosage of the supplement, a pouch that can be used to store your supplement and a shaker to prepare your favourite protein shake.

Please note that some of the accessories available at Nutrients Direct are included in some of our bundle deals. Before you purchase one of our accessories in combination with a supplement bundle, please check the product description page to see if your desired accessory is already included in your purchase.

My Goal

Those who are new to the supplement world will appreciate the “My Goal” category. With the help of this tool, beginners can easily find the recommended supplement range for their fitness goal. Popular categories on the “My Goal” menu include Muscle Building, Health & Wellbeing, Endurance, Sports Performance, Weight Loss & Toning and Women’s Fitness. Simply pick your preferred fitness goal and receive a clear overview of available supplement options.

By Sport

Athletes who do not want to find their supplement based on their goals can still filter results based on their particular sport. On the “By Sport” dropdown menu, athletes can select options such as AFL, bodybuilding, Boxing/MMA, Cycling, Running, Swimming, Fitness Modelling, Body Sculpting and Rugby. Can’t find your particular sport? Contact the experts at Nutrients Direct today for help finding the right supplement.

Benefit from Our Muscle Money Loyalty Program

When you decide to shop at Nutrients Direct for your supplements, you will be able to take advantage of our Muscle Money Loyalty Program, a program that is available for all Nutrients Direct customers, no matter how little or how much you shop with us.

Athletes who register as a customer at Nutrients Direct are automatically eligible for the Muscle Money Loyalty Program. For each order you place at Nutrients Direct, you will be attributed a set amount of muscle money; this muscle money can be used for a discount on your next order or another order you place with us in the future. Check out our benefits today and decide if Nutrients Direct is the right place for you!

Beginners who are starting to train again after a period of inactivity should always visit their local doctor before starting their training. When you have been inactive for a while, it is always advised to get a check-up to see if your body can cope with the training you are going to put it through. It is also advised to speak to your doctor about the use of supplements in relation to your fitness goals.

Athletes on a vegan or vegetarian diet could benefit greatly from discovering our vegetable-based supplements, because it is often difficult for athletes to keep their nutrients in check when they undergo a rigorous training program. If you are vegetarian or vegan, there are numerous vegetable-based supplements available at Nutrients Direct, making sure that you get all the nutrients you need to reach your fitness goals. However, if you are unsure about your supplements and the nutrients you are lacking, it is again needed to go to your local doctor and get a blood test done. A blood test can tell you if your current diet is giving you all the nutrients you need during your training, but also if a certain supplement could help you during your training.