Amino Acids: Your Body’s Building Blocks

Date Posted: 1 May 2017 

Adding a casein protein powder to your diet can be valuable for your physical fitness and health, because each casein protein powder, and protein supplements in general, contain powerful amino acids. To learn more about the amino acids that are hidden inside most Australian online supplements, be sure to read the information below!

What Are Amino Acids?

If you have browsed our range of Australian online supplements, you’ve probably come across the term amino acids. These substances are the building blocks of the protein molecule, which our body needs to fulfil important biological processes.

A lot of parts of the human body consist of amino acids; this includes our cells, muscles and tissues. They also play an important role in the transport of important nutrients, but also their storage. Furthermore, amino acids are also needed for wound healing, tissue repair, waste removal, and countless other functions we take for granted.

Of course, amino acids can be divided into several categories; this includes essential amino acids, branched chain amino acids, conditional amino acids, semi-essential amino acids and a whole lot more. When you look at casein protein powder from our range of Australian online supplements, you will notice that this supplement is especially rich in branched chain amino acids, but still contains essential amino acids as well. To learn more about the specific amino acids in these categories, please read our shortlist below.

What Are the Amino Acids I Can Find in Australian Online Supplements?

Whether you choose a casein protein powder, whey protein powder, or one of our plant-based protein supplements from our range of Australian online supplements, all these protein supplements contain a wide range of amino acids that could provide a tremendous amount of benefits to athletes. To learn more about some of these important amino acids within plant-based, whey and casein protein powder from our range of Australian online supplements, be sure to read our shortlist below.


Arginine is categorised as a semi-essential amino acid. The amino acid is important for various metabolic processes, but is also used in the medical world for the treatment of heart disease and high blood pressure.

Studies have shown that arginine can improve circulation, strengthen the immune system, but also that the amino acid has a positive influence on the male libido. Arginine also improves wound healing and fat burning rates, so the possibilities of supplementing with arginine are endless.


Glutamine is a part of various metabolic processes in the human body, hence why the benefits of this specific amino acid are closely related to the metabolism. Because of its various functions in our metabolism, it is also no surprise that glutamine is the amino acid with the highest concentration in our bloodstream, muscles and spinal fluid.

The need for glutamine in our bodies increases when we are under physical and mental stress; this means that glutamine is quite important in the supplements of athletes. Glutamine production in the body also slows down with age, so older athletes also need extra glutamine, even if their training routine is not that rigorous.


Even though carnitine is often mentioned as an amino acid, technically speaking it is not. Carnitine is chemically a dipeptide, which consists of two amino acids called lysine and methionine. These amino acids are not produced by the body, so they must be obtained through dietary sources.

Athletes need carnitine for many different reasons. One of them is energy provision and stress resistance, because carnitine can improve energy supply to the brain cells and increase your resistance against mental stress. Carnitine also has some fat burning abilities, because this dipeptide is used as a fat burner for many dieters.


Any athletes focussed on muscle growth should incorporate histidine in their diet, because this amino acid is needed for the growth and repair of all tissues. It also plays a vital role in the maintenance and creation of certain nerve cells; this includes oligo-dendrocytes, which wrap themselves around the nerves to protect them against damage from the environment.


One of the most important amino acids for muscle growth and muscle development is undoubtedly lysine. The amino acid is used for the absorption of calcium, subsequently influencing bone and muscle growth, but also fat metabolization.

Lysine can also maintain the nitrogen balance, which can help to maintain your lean muscle when your body is under a tremendous amount of physical stress, or when you are suffering from fatigue. In addition to that, lysine is also required to produce various substances; this includes antibodies, hormones, enzymes and collagen.

Bodybuilders use lysine to maintain and create their muscle protein. Supplementing with lysine during your training routine may also help to fight fatigue, which could prove useful for athletes undergoing a rigorous training program. However, lysine also has some medical uses, because this amino acid is used in the treatment of cold sores and the chronic fatigue syndrome.


Phenylalanine can have a positive influence on the mood of athletes, since this amino acid can stimulate the nerve system. It also has a positive effect on the memory, because phenylalanine can increase your ability to remember things.

Using phenylalanine can provide increased mental abilities by increasing levels of epinephrine, nor-epinephrine and dopamine. These three substances interact with so-called neurotransmitters, which are needed for the functioning of your nerve system.


The last amino acid we should discuss is methionine, an amino acid that can help to burn and use fats. Through burning and using fats, methionine can also increase testosterone levels. Therefore, this amino acid is used by bodybuilders for fat metabolization and better digestion.


Because of the presence of amino acids, there is more to protein supplements than first meets the eye. Protein supplements can provide numerous benefits to athletes because of these individual amino acids, so it is a good idea to look at the amino acid content of your protein supplement before you make your final decision.

More information about the amino acids inside protein supplements can be found on the product pages of Nutrients Direct. However, customers can also contact us if they want more information about a specific amino acid supplement.

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