Battle of the Bars – How to Prepare and Succeed

The Battle of the Bars is the world’s first legitimate calisthenics event. During this competition, athletes must compete against each other, which includes international competitors from across the globe. If you’ve never heard about this event, or want to learn how to prepare, be sure to read our information below!

What Is Battle of the Bars?

Many athletes have heard of the Battle of the Bars competition, one of the most anticipated sports events of the year. It is also the first legitimate and recognised calisthenics event, where athletes compete is a freestyle bodyweight competition.

Battle of the Bars is held all over the world, which includes large cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Brazil, Dubai and Kuwait. The event has enjoyed a lot of growth and interest over the years, so the number of Battle of the Bars events is expected to grow tremendously over the next couple of years.

How Do I Prepare for Battle of the Bars?

Battle of the Bars is judged on various criteria; this includes strength, control, endurance, balance, agility, creativity, dynamics, techniques, execution and aggression-bar control. Because of the large number of judging criteria, this competition will test athletes to the limit. To prepare for this competition the best way possible, please read our tips and hints below.

Work on All Aspects of Your Physique

At Battle of the Bars, every part of your fitness will be tested. Therefore, it is not enough to focus on one part of your physical fitness, because everything will be evaluated. So, if your stamina or agility is lacking, chances are you are not going to do well during this competition.

Add Supplements to Your Training

Preparing for a competition such as Battle of the Bars will require a lot of your body, so adding some Australian online supplements to your training routine will be necessary. Your body will need a variety of nutrients, so you may need more than a single protein powder from our range of Australian online supplements.

Of course, a good protein powder is still necessary to fuel your increase in muscle mass, strength and performance. A must for your training is whey protein, but you must also consider a casein protein powder from our Australian online supplements range. Casein protein powder can fuel and repair your muscles while you sleep, because casein protein powder from our range of Australian online supplements can provide your body with nutrients for approximately seven hours; this thanks to the slow digestion rate of casein protein powder.

In addition to casein protein powder from our range of Australian online supplements, you may also need glutamine, dextrose monohydrate and other common supplements that help athletes reach their physical peak. Nutrients Direct also offers stacks for specific fitness goals, so if you want to increase your strength, endurance or stamina, be sure to filter on fitness goals to find the supplements that can deliver the best results.

Train Your Body and Mind

A physically demanding competition requires you to have a strong body, but also a strong mind. There will be many competitors around that may intimidate you, or you could lack confidence in your own abilities, which could affect the results you obtain during the competition. Therefore, do not limit your training to the physical aspect of things, but also the mental part of things.

Get a Trainer with Event Experience

Having someone by your side who participated in the event before can help you to prepare better. If you cannot find someone who participated in Battle of the Bars, you can also hire the services of someone that has experience with calisthenics and street workout moves, who can help you with the creative aspect of the competition.

Prepare Some Routines in Advance

Some athletes who participate in Battle of the Bars just do a routine of the top of their head, but this leaves a lot to be desired most of the time. If your creativity is stunted at the time of the event, you could end up with little points at the end of it. Therefore, it is recommended to prepare a proper routine you can fall back on.

Check Your Weight Class

The Battle of the Bars is divided in various weight classes, so you must check your weight class before the event starts. Checking your weight class also means you can do some research beforehand. There are many Battle of the Bars videos online, which have been taken at previous events.

Doing your research does not mean getting some of your moves from another competitor, but it does help you prepare and tells you what you should expect from other competitors. Research is essential when you participate for the first time, because your competitors will be the best of the best.

Get Familiar with the Rules

Before you start creating your routine, be sure to check the rules of the competition. Each battle has a limited time, so your routine should match that. There are also rules of conduct all competitors must adhere to, so it is advised to be familiar with these rules to avoid disqualification from this important event.

What Are the Requirements for the Competition?

All participants must perform standard calisthenics as well as street workout moves; this includes basics such as muscle ups, back levers, front lever and human flag. To be considered for the competition, you must also create a try-out video and post it on YouTube. The video must have the label “WCO Try Out”, and its link must be submitted to the organisers of the event. Athletes also need to provide additional information such as their name, email and their experience with calisthenics and street workout moves.

Where Can I Check Future Events?

If you are wondering if Battle of the Bars is coming to Australia, you can check future events on the official website of the World Calisthenics Organisation. Also, be sure to follow their blog, since this may contain important training information and tips to help you during a future event.

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