How to Pick the Perfect Protein Powder?

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted: 3 August 2016 

There are thousands of protein powders on the market, so making a decision can be incredibly difficult. In order to pick the perfect protein powder, be sure to read our guidelines below, which can provide you with all the hints and tips for the perfect dietary supplement.

Concentrate, Isolate or Hydrolysate

In general, protein powder supplements can be divided into three categories: concentrates, isolates and hydrolysates. Each protein powder type has a specific function, so being familiar with each type can help you to make the right decision.

Concentrates tend to have a high concentration of protein. The concentration of the concentrate will depend on the amount of non-protein ingredients that have been removed from the supplement. For concentrates, you can count on a content up to 80% protein, with the remaining 20% consisting of carbohydrates, minerals, water and fat. Contrary to isolates, concentrates contain a lot more vitamins and minerals.

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Isolates tend to have the highest amount of protein, considering that the majority of non-protein ingredients have been removed. Because of this, consumers can count on a protein content up to 90%. Even though isolates tend to be cheaper than concentrates and hydrolysates, they usually have less vitamins and minerals than concentrates and hydrolysates.

Hydrolysed proteins are often better for athletes with digestive problems. These protein supplements contain digestive proteins, which includes polypeptides and peptides. If you experience problems with a concentrate or isolate, the hydrolysate will be the best option for you.

Whey, Casein and Vegetable Protein

When you take a closer look at the market of protein powder supplements, you will notice three large groups: whey protein supplements, casein protein supplements and vegetable supplements. Similar to concentrates, isolates and hydrolysates, each of these categories have specific benefits.

Whey protein tends to be the most popular protein supplement on the market, considering it has muscle growth and weight loss benefits. Whey protein is easier to digest than other protein supplements as well, which means that athletes with a delicate digestive system will benefit the most from whey protein supplements.

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Casein is the protein that is found in cow’s milk. Contrary to whey protein, casein takes a longer time to digest. Because of this, many athletes use casein protein if they need a slow release protein that can provide them with a sustained amount of energy. However, compared to whey protein, casein is a little less effective for muscle building. That being said, casein does require additional ingredients that are beneficial for the human body, including glutamine.

Whey protein and casein protein are most popular, but vegetable protein should not be underestimated either. Some athletes cannot tolerate dairy-based products, so they need an alternative. Vegetable protein such as pea protein can be the solution for these athletes, considering they are free of dairy. These vegetable proteins are also suitable for vegetarians and vegans, since they do not contain any products or ingredients that were derived from animals.

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Data based on vanilla flavour ND Total Whey WPC ND Mass Muscle WPI Calcium Caseinate
Protein per serve (g) 22.2 23 26.2 26.7 28.1
Take For
Type of protein/s Whey Whey Whey & Casein Whey Casein
Carbs per serve (g) 3.4 4.2 26.5 1.9 0.8
Fat total per serve (g) 1.3 1.3 1.6 0.6 0.2
Sugars per serve (g) 3.2 3.2 10.4 1.4 0.3
Serving Size (g) 35 30 60 30 30
Serves per kilo 28 33 16 33 33
Additional Premium Ingredients Amino blend, colostrum, creatine, glutamine   Amino blend, carb blend,colostrum, creatine    
Notes Complete muscle-building formula The least processed budget powder Ultimate Post workout bulking powder Fast absorbing powder Slow release high density powder
Flavours Chocolate Vanilla Chocolate, Vanilla, Honeycomb, Strawberry, Banana, Natural Chocolate Vanilla Chocolate, Vanilla, Honeycomb, Strawberry, Banana, Natural Chocolate, Vanilla, Natural

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