What Are Protein Powders?

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted: 3 August 2016 

When you are just starting out in the gym, you may have heard your fellow athletes talking about protein powder supplements. If you are not familiar with protein powder yet, then this article will be very interesting to you. Below, you will find a complete definition of protein powder supplements, their benefits and their use.

The Definition of Protein Powder

Protein powder supplements can come in many different forms, although the most common supplements are whey protein, soy protein and casein protein. Out of all protein powder supplements on the market, whey protein supplements may be the most used. However, people who are vegan or vegetarian will use soy protein.

protein powder

The Benefits of Protein Powder

A protein supplement may be used for a variety of reasons, this includes muscle growth, stamina enhancement, strength enhancement, injury recovery and as a dietary supplement for vegans and vegetarians.

In addition to its athletic benefits, protein supplements have also shown beneficial for a number of illnesses and even weight loss. For that reason, we can assume that protein supplements can be very beneficial for your health in general. A number of researchers have also been looking into the benefits of protein supplements as an addition to cancer treatment, preliminary results have shown great promise in this field.

The Use of Protein Powder

There has been great discussion surrounding the use of protein supplements, considering they can be taken at different times during the day. Researchers are still trying to determine the best time during the day to take a protein powder supplement, so the camps are quite divided at the moment.

Some athletes believe that protein supplements should be taken before a workout, more specifically to benefit from its stamina and strength benefits during the workout. This camp believes that protein supplements will lead to more explosive workouts and better muscle growth results down the line.

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The second camp believes that protein powder supplements should be taken after a workout, more specifically to take advantage of its muscle recovery benefits. Research has shown that using a protein supplement after a workout will replenish vital nutrients that have been lost during a workout, subsequently preventing muscle soreness and injuries.

Of course, there is also a third camp, who believes that you can take protein supplements at any given time. This camp actually has the most followers at the time, because research has shown that protein supplements will always give benefits, no matter the time of day the protein supplement has been consumed.

At the end of the day, it is down to the athlete to evaluate the best time of day to take a protein powder supplement. For example, if you often struggle with muscle soreness and are prone to injuries, a protein supplement after your workout will be best. However, if you want more energy during a workout, it is best to take a slow release protein supplement before you start your training. All protein supplements on Nutrients Direct will come with directions, so be sure to read these through before you choose your protein supplement.

Data based on vanilla flavour ND Total Whey WPC ND Mass Muscle WPI Calcium Caseinate
Protein per serve (g) 22.2 23 26.2 26.7 28.1
Take For
Type of protein/s Whey Whey Whey & Casein Whey Casein
Carbs per serve (g) 3.4 4.2 26.5 1.9 0.8
Fat total per serve (g) 1.3 1.3 1.6 0.6 0.2
Sugars per serve (g) 3.2 3.2 10.4 1.4 0.3
Serving Size (g) 35 30 60 30 30
Serves per kilo 28 33 16 33 33
Additional Premium Ingredients Amino blend, colostrum, creatine, glutamine   Amino blend, carb blend,colostrum, creatine    
Notes Complete muscle-building formula The least processed budget powder Ultimate Post workout bulking powder Fast absorbing powder Slow release high density powder
Flavours Chocolate Vanilla Chocolate, Vanilla, Honeycomb, Strawberry, Banana, Natural Chocolate Vanilla Chocolate, Vanilla, Honeycomb, Strawberry, Banana, Natural Chocolate, Vanilla, Natural

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