The Best Types of Protein Powder

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted: 10 November 2016 

Athletes who spent some time browsing our range of Australian online supplements, may have noticed that we offer various types of protein powders. While experienced athletes will love the great amount of choices, it can be a little daunting for beginners who want to find the best protein powder in our range of Australian online supplements. To help you choose the best protein powder for your fitness goals, we have created an overview of the best protein powders and their benefits. Read on and find the best protein supplement in our Australian online supplements range!

Whey Protein Powder

Whey protein is one of the most popular supplements in our range of Australian online supplements, not only for beginners, but also for experienced athletes looking for a muscle recovery and repair boost. The popularity of whey protein in our Australian online supplements range can easily be explained, because the fast absorption and digestion of whey protein tends to be a big plus for many athletes.

Studies have shown that the use of whey protein has some major benefits for athletes. Whey protein can repair muscles after intense workouts. However, for whey protein to be most effective after training, it should be consumed within two hours after your training.

When you browse our range of whey protein supplements, you will notice that there are different types of whey protein as well. You can choose a hydrolysed whey supplement, but also whey isolate and whey concentrate. Even though there are some minor differences between these whey protein supplements, they all deliver the benefits whey protein supplements are known for.

Casein Protein Powder

Even though whey protein is the most popular supplement in our range, it does not mean that casein protein should be forgotten about. Contrary to whey protein, casein absorbs slower and releases protein over a longer period. While this could mean that casein is not as suitable right after your workout, it can provide you with the nutrients you need when you expect not to have access to nutrients for a longer duration; for example, while you sleep or at the start of the day.

Many athletes used a casein protein in combination with faster whey. However, if you are a beginner, be sure to evaluate how much protein you already consume in your diet, since too much protein can have some side-effects. Also, if you intend to use more than one protein supplement, make sure you get enough calcium and magnesium in your diet as well, since levels of these nutrients can deplete quicker in athletes on a protein-rich diet.

Pea Protein Powder

Athletes who are new to the world of supplements are often surprised when we mention Pea Protein Powder, because most people associate protein with dairy and animal products. However, there are some vegetables that can provide you with a good amount of protein; this is of course good news for athletes on a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Pea Protein Powder is 100% plant-based and does not contain any form of animal product. Because it is obtained from a vegetable, the yellow pea, athletes can also count on additional benefits such as no cholesterol or fat.

Since Pea Protein Powder does not contain any dairy, it can also be used by lactose-intolerant athletes. People with lactose intolerance often find it difficult to meet their protein quota, so supplements such as Pea Protein Powder are not only suitable for athletes, but also people looking to add more protein to their diet.

A vegetable-based protein sounds perfect to many people, but it can have some negatives when compared to dairy-based protein. Even though these negatives are minor, athletes should be aware of them, since they could have a minor impact on their fitness goals.

One of the only negatives surrounding pea protein is a lack of the amino acid cysteine. Therefore, experts recommend rotating this protein supplement in your diet routine. By alternating pea protein with another protein supplement, you can still obtain enough cysteine. However, this does not mean you must look at dairy-based protein to get the cysteine you need, since there are vegetable-based protein providing this amino acid as well.

Soy Protein

Aside from pea protein, there is another plant-based protein that could be beneficial for vegans, vegetarians and lactose-intolerant athletes – soy protein. A soy protein supplement is made from soybeans and contains all the essential amino acids you need to obtain your fitness goals.

Recent studies have also shown that soy protein is quite close to whey protein where benefits such as muscle growth and strength are concerned. However, soy protein does have some additional benefits because of the presence of isoflavones, of which scientists believe they reduce the risks of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Isoflavones can be both positive and negative though. Scientists discovered that isoflavones could have an impact on the production of certain hormones, more specifically testosterone. Male athletes certainly would not want a reduction of testosterone levels, which is why numerous studies have been executed over the years. Results indicated that soy protein, used in its proper dosage, does not have a negative effect on the production of testosterone. However, studies also showed that athletes consuming multiple soy products containing isoflavones could experience problems with their testosterone levels. Therefore, athletes should limit the use of soy products to their supplement and keep their soy protein within the daily recommended amount.


The types of protein supplements mentioned above are just some of the popular supplements available nowadays. However, there are many other protein supplements with just as many benefits as the supplements we have already described. Therefore, we recommend taking a good look at all the protein supplements that can be found in our range. This way, you can find the supplement that suits your training style and fitness goals the best.

Need more information about popular protein supplements? Feel free to contact our team! We will be more than happy to provide you with answers to any questions you may have.

Data based on vanilla flavour ND Total Whey WPC ND Mass Muscle WPI Calcium Caseinate
Protein per serve (g) 22.2 23 26.2 26.7 28.1
Take For
Type of protein/s Whey Whey Whey & Casein Whey Casein
Carbs per serve (g) 3.4 4.2 26.5 1.9 0.8
Fat total per serve (g) 1.3 1.3 1.6 0.6 0.2
Sugars per serve (g) 3.2 3.2 10.4 1.4 0.3
Serving Size (g) 35 30 60 30 30
Serves per kilo 28 33 16 33 33
Additional Premium Ingredients Amino blend, colostrum, creatine, glutamine   Amino blend, carb blend,colostrum, creatine    
Notes Complete muscle-building formula The least processed budget powder Ultimate Post workout bulking powder Fast absorbing powder Slow release high density powder
Flavours Chocolate Vanilla Chocolate, Vanilla, Honeycomb, Strawberry, Banana, Natural Chocolate Vanilla Chocolate, Vanilla, Honeycomb, Strawberry, Banana, Natural Chocolate, Vanilla, Natural

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