Pea Protein: The Hottest New Muscle Builder

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted: 15 August 2016 

Using protein supplements for muscle building is nothing new to bodybuilding or any athlete for that matter. Likewise, we have always know the nutritional value of the pea. For all of our lives, we have heard our parents tell us to “eat your peas”, but little did we know that this powerful little legume actually could be the source of  building powerful muscles.

Pea protein powder is the latest in the bodybuilding and muscle building game. It has amazing nutritional value combined with a palatable taste that can’t be compared to any other.

What is pea protein powder?

Pea protein powder is made from the yellow field pea, Pisum sativum. This is unlike the peas that your mother served with mashed potatoes for Sunday dinner.

The field pea is first treated to remove any carbohydrate, such as starches and fiber. After being treated to remove carbohydrates, the peas are then ground into a powder which can be used in almost any recipe where protein powder supplements are utilized.

Unlike other protein powder supplements, pea protein powder is nearly tasteless. The only taste that accompanies pea protein powder is the flavor additives that come from the manufacturer.

What are the benefits of pea protein powder?

Pea protein powder contains a protein that is a complete protein, meaning that it contains all nine amino acids. It heavily contains lysine; however, it is low on cystine and methionine.

For this reason, pea protein powder should not be used as a sole source of protein, but rather a protein replacement. This is usually not a problem, however, as most bodybuilders and athletes rarely rely on one source of protein.

There are many dietary restrictions that can be avoided by the use of pea protein powder. The biggest of these include allergies to milk and having a vegan or vegetarian diet.

Many people have milk allergies. This may also leave them predisposed to having an allergy to whey protein. This is due to the ingredients in whey protein. It contains a protein called casein. This is the protein in milk that most often causes allergic reactions; therefore, whey protein is not indicated for use for those with milk allergies. This leaves the use of vegetable proteins as the sole source protein supplementation. Pea protein powder contains legumin, not casein, and therefore will not cause these types of allergic reactions.

With a vegan or vegetarian diet, there are often restrictions to the use of any animal protein. This includes the use of whey protein. These people, as well, must rely on solely vegetable protein. Pea protein powder falls into this category.

With vegetable protein, it used to be that only soy protein powder was available. With pea protein powder this is no longer the case. Many bodybuilders and athletes do not like the use of soy protein due to the fact that soy does not promote the production of testosterone. In fact, some studies have shown that it impedes it.

Testosterone, as we all know, is necessary for the building of lean muscle mass. Consumption of most proteins promotes the production of testosterone. This includes pea protein powder. All in all, pea protein powder is an amazing protein supplement. 

Data based on vanilla flavour ND Naturals WPC Rice Protein Isolate Pea Protein Isolate Soy Protein Isolate ND Natural WPI
Protein per serve (g) 23 23.6 24.1 25.4 26.2
Take For
Type of protein/s Whey Vegetable Vegetable Vegetable Whey
Carbs per serve (g) 4.2 4.8 2.5 1.8 2.2
Fat total per serve (g) 1.3 0.6 2.0 0.4 0.6
Sugars per serve (g) 3.4 0.6 0.6 1.0 1.6
Serving Size (g) Stevia Stevia Stevia Stevia Stevia
Serves per kilo Choc, Vanilla Choc, Vanilla, Natural Choc, Vanilla, Natural Choc, Vanilla, Natural Choc, Vanilla
Additional Premium Ingredients 30 30 30 30 30
Notes 33 33 33 33 33
Flavours All natural flavours and sweetener Vegetarian, all natural flavours and sweetener Vegetarian, all natural flavours and sweetener Vegetarian, all natural flavours and sweetener All natural flavours and sweetener

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