Three Reasons You Need To Change Your Protein Powder

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted: 24 August 2016 

If you’ve been using Protein Powders for a while, you may get to the point where you feel that you’re not getting all the benefits you were hoping for. This can happen, and it can have several reasons. Don’t despair: a simple change of protein powder may do the trick, and put you back on the path to getting the toned, slim or muscular body you have been dreaming of! Let’s look at three of the most common reasons why you should change your Protein Powder.

1. It doesn’t seem to be doing anything for me

This is a common complaint from people who have not really researched the best way to consume their Protein Powder. Most often, the basic things that people do wrong is adding high-sugar or high-fat ingredients to their Protein Shake, which will make it taste great but won’t help you if you are trying to lose weight or maintain it.

Another common misconception is that you can drink your Protein Shake at any point, if you are using it to recover after training or workouts, but timing is quite critical in this situation, and if you are not consuming your Protein Shake within 30 – 45 minutes after your workout, you may not see any benefits at all.

Lastly, make sure you do your homework: Not all Protein Powders are made equal, and if you have been persuaded to buy a protein Powder that does not contain between 80 and 90 % of protein per serving, it will take much longer to feel any benefits, while you may have been paying for other, cheaper ingredients that bulk out the product and don’t do anything for you.

2. It doesn’t make me feel better

If you have been using whey protein, which is still the most widely sold Protein Powder around, it could well be that the Powder does not agree with you. Many of us have some level of lactose intolerance, and whey proteins are after all a dairy product, so if you start consuming regular quantities of it, your body may be trying to tell you that it isn’t happy!

In this case, try switching to a Rice Protein Powder. Although it has an amino acid profile that is the closest to mother’s milk, this product is actually plant based and therefore lactose free. Rice Protein Isolate, from Nutrients Direct, is also hypo-allergenic, and suitable for people who don’t want to take soy based proteins.

Vegans and vegetarians will also be able to use Rice Protein Powder safely too. Rice Protein Isolate is flavoured with only natural flavours, and uses only the highest grade of Stevia (a plant-extracted sugar substitute) for a great tasting natural product. 

3. I feel hungry even though I have had my Protein Shake

For people who are taking their Protein Powder as a meal replacement, either because they are too busy to stop and sit down to a proper breakfast or lunch, or because they are using it as part of a weight control programme, feeling full for longer is important. Research has shown that whey protein actually has an insulinogenic effect similar to that of white bread, which is a fancy way of saying that it gives you a “spike” of wellbeing, but it absorbs quickly and you won’t feel the benefits of it for very long. Switching to a slower-release protein such as Rice Powder Protein may well be the answer! Also, try using your Rice Protein Powder as an ingredient for foods, rather than just as a shake or smoothie, as added ingredients such as oats can help to stave off the hunger pangs for longer.

Data based on vanilla flavour ND Naturals WPC Rice Protein Isolate Pea Protein Isolate Soy Protein Isolate ND Natural WPI
Protein per serve (g) 23 23.6 24.1 25.4 26.2
Take For
Type of protein/s Whey Vegetable Vegetable Vegetable Whey
Carbs per serve (g) 4.2 4.8 2.5 1.8 2.2
Fat total per serve (g) 1.3 0.6 2.0 0.4 0.6
Sugars per serve (g) 3.4 0.6 0.6 1.0 1.6
Serving Size (g) Stevia Stevia Stevia Stevia Stevia
Serves per kilo Choc, Vanilla Choc, Vanilla, Natural Choc, Vanilla, Natural Choc, Vanilla, Natural Choc, Vanilla
Additional Premium Ingredients 30 30 30 30 30
Notes 33 33 33 33 33
Flavours All natural flavours and sweetener Vegetarian, all natural flavours and sweetener Vegetarian, all natural flavours and sweetener Vegetarian, all natural flavours and sweetener All natural flavours and sweetener

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