Can Adding Soy to Your Diet Increase Your Muscle Mass?

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted: 31 August 2016 

Protein supplements such as whey protein and casein protein powder are probably the best known on the supplement market where muscle growth is concerned. However, there are vegetable-based protein supplements available as well, which work in a similar manner as diary-based protein. Soy protein powder is a good example of vegetable-based protein, considering this particular protein powder has multiple benefits that can lead to more muscle growth. To find out what soy protein powder can do for your muscle growth, please read our information below to find out.

Can Soy Protein Powder Be a Good Supplement from Muscle Growth?

Soy protein powder can be beneficial for bodybuilders looking to build more lean muscle mass. Considering protein is an essential part of our diet, athletes are always looking for complete proteins that contain all the nine essential amino acids to fuel their muscles. Needless to say, an insufficient amount of protein can seriously hinder muscle gain.

A study published in “The Journal of Nutrition”  showed the effectiveness of soy protein for muscle mass. Researchers found that the levels of amino acids in the blood after exercise increased earlier when taking a whey protein supplement. Considering the slower digestion rate of soy protein, researchers wanted to find out if soy protein would show a difference compared to whey protein where muscle mass was concerned. The results were clear, both whey protein and soy protein provided a clear increase in muscle mass and stimulated muscle growth in an effective manner.

Two amino acids that play a vital role in the muscle building process are arginine and leucine. Because of the fact that soy protein contains less leucine than whey protein, but more arginine than whey protein, it can be a good idea to combine the two protein supplements to get maximum results. 

How Many Times Should Soy Protein Powder Be Used?

The dose of soy protein each day depends heavily on the supplement you have obtained, the instructions of the manufacturer, and your individual protein supplement needs. The amount of soy protein you are going to use on a daily basis may also vary if you intend to use other protein supplements in combination with soy protein.

When combining whey protein with soy protein supplements, experts recommend using a 2:1 ration when the supplement is taken up to three times a day. Using this combination can increase muscle mass tremendously. Of course, using only soy protein is also possible for athletes who have problems digesting dairy or athletes following a vegan or vegetarian diet.

How Much Soy Protein Do I Really Need for Muscle Growth?

To calculate the amount of protein you need in your diet, you will need to look at your weight. In general, athletes will need one gram of soy protein per pound of weight. However, make sure you include other proteins you consume during the day in this calculation. 

The total amount of soy protein you need will also depend on how physically active you are. Athletes who do intensive training may need more than the average person. Therefore, always ask medical advice or consult an experienced nutritionist that can deliver a balanced diet plan so you can reach your fitness goals a little easier.

What Soy Protein Powder Can I Find on Nutrients Direct?

Athletes looking for a soy protein supplement on our website can choose Soy Protein Isolate from our range. Soy Protein Isolate is used for multiple fitness goals; this includes weight loss, sports performance, muscle building, health & wellbeing, endurance and women’s fitness, so this one supplement can certainly be used to obtain a healthier and fitter body.

ND Soy Protein Isolate consists of soy-based proteins and is easily digested by the human body. It is the best supplement for athletes on a vegan or vegetarian diet, or athletes who cannot seem to tolerate dairy-based protein supplements. 

In addition to its rapid absorption and intermediate-release properties, Soy Protein Isolate is quite rich in substances called protective antioxidants. These protective antioxidants are also referred to as isoflavones, compounds that could have cancer preventive properties according to many scientists and medical researchers across the globe.

At Nutrients Direct, athletes can obtain our Soy Protein Isolate in three amazing flavours: natural, vanilla and chocolate. Detailed nutritional information for each of these flavours can be found on the product description page of the Soy Protein Isolate supplement.

Are There Other Vegetable-Based Protein Supplements?

If a soy protein supplement is not really your thing because of the distinctive flavour soybeans give to your protein shake, there are other vegetable-based protein supplements you could use instead, for example the ND pea protein and rice protein supplements.

Pea protein isolate is quite similar to soy protein where functions are concerned. The supplement is commonly used for weight loss, muscle building, health & wellbeing and women’s fitness. The supplement is easily to digest, but is absorbed slower by the body. Therefore, athletes using pea protein supplements will get a prolonged release of proteins. Slower absorbing protein supplements are best suited for athletes with faster metabolisms, but it can also be an option if you intend to combine a faster supplement, such as whey, with a slower absorbing supplement like pea protein.

Of course, rice protein powder is also a great choice for athletes looking to build more muscle. The supplement is mainly known for its weight loss, sports performance and endurance abilities, but is also used to contribute to better health and to achieve specific fitness goals for women.

One of the additional things that should be mentioned about rice protein is the fact it is hypoallergenic; this means that a rice protein is less likely to cause stomach irritation compared to other dairy-based proteins. Rice protein also contains numerous antioxidants. These antioxidants are able to repair damage to the cells, a property that could come in handy after training. 
Rice protein supplement is very suitable for athletes who want a quicker recovery after intensive workouts, but also for athletes with an intolerance to dairy-products. Be sure to have a look at all vegetable-based protein supplements in our range if you fall in one or both of these categories.

Data based on vanilla flavour ND Naturals WPC Rice Protein Isolate Pea Protein Isolate Soy Protein Isolate ND Natural WPI
Protein per serve (g) 23 23.6 24.1 25.4 26.2
Take For
Type of protein/s Whey Vegetable Vegetable Vegetable Whey
Carbs per serve (g) 4.2 4.8 2.5 1.8 2.2
Fat total per serve (g) 1.3 0.6 2.0 0.4 0.6
Sugars per serve (g) 3.4 0.6 0.6 1.0 1.6
Serving Size (g) Stevia Stevia Stevia Stevia Stevia
Serves per kilo Choc, Vanilla Choc, Vanilla, Natural Choc, Vanilla, Natural Choc, Vanilla, Natural Choc, Vanilla
Additional Premium Ingredients 30 30 30 30 30
Notes 33 33 33 33 33
Flavours All natural flavours and sweetener Vegetarian, all natural flavours and sweetener Vegetarian, all natural flavours and sweetener Vegetarian, all natural flavours and sweetener All natural flavours and sweetener

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