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Nutrients Direct’s leak-proof shakers have a sleek design that comes with a screw top lid and a mesh grill that helps make the drink lump-free. The BPA free 700ml shaker features the Nutrients Direct logo and is a must for anyone who takes powdered supplements.

Ergonomically designed with an easy grip shape, the shaker is drip free and easy to clean making it the perfect shaker for all your supplements!

Get More Out of Your Supplements with Nutrients Direct!

Getting quality supplements can make a huge difference in the results you can obtain from training and the proper nutrition. At Nutrients Direct, we make sure you can get the maximum out of your supplements, not only by offering you Australian online supplements of the highest quality, but also by offering a large range of accessories within the Australian online supplements range. Want to learn more about these accessories, or learn how to get the most out of your supplements? Read our information below to find out!

Which Accessories Can I Obtain from the Australian Online Supplements Range?

In addition to the Nutrients Direct shaker, which is displayed on this accessories page, Nutrients Direct offers a variety of accessories in its Australian online supplements range. In addition to the shaker, customers can therefore obtain other accessories such as digital scales and pouches from our Australian online supplements range. Of course, accessories are not the only thing that can affect your success with nutrient supplements, so let us take a closer look at how you can get the most out of nutrient supplements from Nutrients Direct!

Does Timing Affect the Effectiveness of Nutrient Supplements?

The time you take your nutrient supplements can affect their function and their effectiveness to reach certain fitness goals. Below, you will find an overview of potential supplements and the best times to take them.

Protein Powder

Protein powders are the most versatile amongst nutrient supplements where timing is concerned, because protein powder can be used for a variety of fitness goals. Still, the most important time to take a protein powder is straight after your workout, because your muscles need a constant stream of nutrients to recover and to prevent muscle breakdown.

Of course, there are other times where protein powder may prove useful. Taking protein just before bed is a good example of that, because in this case, protein gives you the valuable fuel you need to keep your muscles fuelled. When you are sleeping an average of six to eight hours, you are spending that amount of time without protein. By taking a slow absorbing protein before bedtime, you fuel your muscle with protein for a prolonged period of time, subsequently preventing your body from going into catabolism and actually break down muscle tissue.

Protein can also be taken with your breakfast, because six to eight hours without any protein supplementation may cause your body to go into catabolism. By taking a fast absorbing protein supplement, your body can take advantage of a quick protein supply.

Naturally, protein is also taken before training. By doing so, you can put your body in the anabolic state, which is the ideal state for your body to build and repair muscle, subsequently the most effective state for training and workouts.

Creatine Supplementation

Supplementing with creatine is especially popular with experienced athletes and personal trainers. In most cases, creatine is taken a half hour before training or directly after training, since these are the two times where creatine supplements are the most effective.

That being said, there are some athletes who will take creatine at other times during the day, more specifically to obtain the anabolic state and avoid the catabolic state. Of course, when taking creatine, always consider your specific fitness goals and always follow the manufacturer’s recommended dose.

When you start supplementing with a normal creatine supplement, be sure to take into account the loading phase and the maintenance phase, which could make your supplement more effective. Most athletes will start supplementing on 25 to 30 grams of a creatine supplement, followed by 10 to 20 grams during the maintenance phase.


In addition to protein and creatine, glutamine is also a popular supplement. Glutamine is usually taken right before bed, because studies have shown that the supplement is able to increase growth hormone levels dramatically during the night.

Of course, glutamine is quite versatile, as is the case with most popular supplements on the market today, which is why athletes can also use creatine when waking up. The principle of taking creatine at breakfast time is similar to that of protein, because again, you supplement the body after spending several hours without nutrition.

Do I Get Benefits from Shopping at Nutrients Direct?

Nutrients Direct is the advised place for quality supplements, because each supplement in our range is subjected to rigorous testing in the laboratory. When you search for a supplement in our range, you will notice that we do not only provide an accurate product description, but also a lab report and nutritional information for the supplement; this way you know exactly what you are getting.

Naturally, shopping at Nutrients Direct comes with more benefits than quality supplements, because we like to reward our loyal customers with some serious discounts. We are also the advised place for trainers and gyms to buy their supplements, because our bulk orders are automatically available for a reduced price.

Individual customers do not have to worry though, because Nutrients Direct provides the benefits of the Muscle Money Program for each registered customer. Each product on Nutrients Direct is accompanied with a certain amount of muscle points. When you purchase that product, these muscle points will be credited to your account. Over the course of time, you can convert these muscle points into currency and enjoy some great discounts on your orders at the same time! So why choose anyone else when you can have quality supplements for affordable prices at Nutrients Direct?


Getting the most out of your supplements does not only apply to the results you are getting from them, but also the price you pay for them and if you are getting value for your money. At Nutrients Direct, we have all bases covered, giving you quality supplements for a very affordable price. Shop at Nutrients Direct today and benefit fully from all the benefits our quality supplements have to offer!

The accessories at Nutrients Direct can make shake creation a lot more convenient, so we certainly recommend getting your accessories when you do a supplement order. However, there are other things at Nutrients Direct that can make your supplement journey a lot more convenient; this includes but is not limited to our supplement stacks, pantry items and even our Muscle Money Program! With the Muscle Money Program, you can get some serious discounts on your supplement orders. So, shopping with Nutrients Direct certainly pays off!

Customers do not have to do anything special to benefit from our Muscle Money Program. When you create an account with Nutrients Direct and place an order, you will be attributed several muscle points automatically. When you look at our supplements catalogue, you’ll immediately notice that each product in our range is accompanied by a certain number of muscle points. When you add a supplement to your order, the muscle points belonging to that supplement will be attributed to your account once you check out. So, when you return to place another order with Nutrients Direct in the future, you can use those points to get a discount on your next order. Simply convert your existing points into currency!



Directions for use:

Pour desired amount of milk, water or juice using the scale on the side of the shaker. Then add the desired powder and shake for 30 seconds until you have a smooth consistent drink.

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