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Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted: 12 February 2017 

Many Australian online supplements are multi-functional; this certainly applies to glutamine, because this supplement does not only contribute to a healthier immune system, it could help you recover from rigorous training too. If you want to find out how glutamine from our Australian online supplements range could help you, please read our information below.

What Is Glutamine?

Glutamine is an amino acid that is responsible for critical processes inside the human body; this includes the transport of nitrogen, the regulation of acids and bases, and the creation of antioxidants. Because of these functions, it is believed that supplementing with Glutamine improves the function of the immune system.

Researchers currently believe that Glutamine could have more benefits than improved general health, so if you are curious what Glutamine could do for your fitness goals, be sure to read our overview of benefits below this paragraph.

What Are the Fitness-Related Benefits of Glutamine?

Many athletes do not realise that Glutamine could support the production of glucose and the replenishment of glycogen; this can be explained by the fact that Glutamine assists with a process called gluconeogenesis in the liver. Gluconeogenesis is a term used to refer to the production of glucose from substances that are not carbohydrates; for example, fat. Therefore, scientists believe that Glutamine could be responsible for approximately 25% of glucose present in our body.

There is scientific evidence to support the fact that Glutamine has a positive impact on glycogen replenishment as well. During a study, researchers found that consuming 8 grams of Glutamine with a carbohydrate—rich drink, increased glycogen replenishment in both muscle and liver; this following a rigorous training session. In addition to that, this combination of Glutamine and carbohydrates proved more effective than the consumption of carbohydrates alone. Of course, Glutamine has also shown to stimulate glycogen replenishment without the consumption of many carbohydrates; this is good news for athletes who find themselves on a calorie-controlled diet, and do not necessarily have the calories to consume the required amount of carbohydrates for a similar benefit.

Glutamine could provide another advantage though, because researchers claim that Glutamine helps leucine to stimulate muscle growth; this could be explained by the relationship between Glutamine, leucine and mTOR, an important complex that greatly contributes to muscle growth.

To enable muscle growth, the mTOR pathway must be activated first. One of the ways to activate the mTOR pathway is with the amino acid leucine. However, many athletes are unware that Glutamine is the substance responsible for the transport of leucine to the muscle cells, so if there is no Glutamine present, leucine cannot fulfil its role.

Even though Glutamine alone cannot provide you with the bulky appearance you are looking for, Glutamine does create an optimal environment for muscle growth. Therefore, Glutamine could be especially useful for athletes on a calorie-restricted diet, who are lacking the calories to create that optimal environment in another way.

Who Could Benefit from Using Glutamine?

Since Glutamine can create an optimal environment for muscle growth, this supplement is mainly beneficial for athletes focussed on muscle gains. Glutamine can be taken when you are at risk of overtraining, but also if you have suffered muscle loss in the past.

If you intend to undergo a rigorous training program, accompanied by a strict diet, the use of Glutamine is recommended as well. Athletes doing cross-training or endurance training over a long period will find Glutamine especially beneficial, since it still enables you to create the optimal environment for muscle growth and repair.

Lastly, athletes who tend to be more susceptible to illness could benefit from Glutamine as well, since Glutamine has shown to increase the function of the immune system. However, if you are suffering from an underlying medical condition, it is best to consult with a health professional before you start using any kind of supplement.

If you are unsure if Glutamine could benefit you, please consult with a licensed health professional or an experienced trainer first. When in doubt, it is always best to ask advice, rather than try the supplement and hope for the best. It is also advised to do some research yourself, so you know the advice you are getting is accurate. If your current trainer seems uninformed about the subject, it may be best to ask a second opinion.

Consider Other Supplements for Improved Results

We already discussed Glutamine in detail, but there are other multi-functional Australian online supplements that could help you reach your fitness goals faster. Below, you will find an overview of must-have Australian online supplements, so if you already have your Glutamine, be sure to consider any of the Australian online supplements below as well!

Protein Powder

The following supplement is a no-brainer, because every athlete needs a good protein powder to keep their body supplied with essential nutrients. Whether you are focussed on muscle growth, weight loss or increased sports performance, protein powder will provide you with all these benefits.

Naturally, there are different types of protein powder to choose from. There is whey protein powder, which provides athletes with a quick supply of amino acids. There is also casein protein, providing athletes with a smaller release of amino acids, but over a longer period. Therefore, athletes could easily adjust their protein powder intake by their fitness goals.

Muscle Stack

If you wish to build muscle, but have no idea which Australian online supplements you need to use to enjoy increased muscle growth, you could benefit from our beginner muscle stack. Inside a beginner muscle stack, you can find several Australian online supplements that were created with muscle growth in mind.

Nutrients Direct also has a muscle stack for advanced athletes, which contains supplements that provide experienced athletes with the large amount of fuel they need to get results. Therefore, you can always find a suitable muscle stack for your levels of fitness.

Curious what other supplements could provide you with multiple benefits? Head over to our main menu and check out all categories to find the best supplement for your fitness goals!

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