Your Guide to Intra-Workout Carbohydrates

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted: 12 February 2017 

Carbohydrates are a vital part of your training, because they could help you train longer and get more out of your training. So, if you want great results, you simply must understand carbohydrates and the role they play.

What Role Do Carbohydrates Play in the World of Fitness?

A common problem athletes encounter during their training is fatigue, especially if you are training with increased intensity. Once fatigue hits, the athlete feels totally drained and has not much left to give. However, this obstacle could be tackled with the correct use of carbohydrates.

How Can Carbohydrates Help to Stop Fatigue During Training?

If you are familiar with the inner workings of the human body, you are already aware that carbohydrates are the main source of fuel for your muscles. The more intense your workouts become, the more your body need carbohydrates to get immediate access to energy; this especially applies to so-called anaerobic exercises such as powerlifting, where the athlete trains in short bursts of high intensity.

Fatigue will only set in when the body has used up the stored carbohydrates in the muscles, which are also referred to as glycogen. However, fatigue will also hit when the blood glucose circulating in your body is experiencing a serious decrease. So, if there is little stored glycogen and blood glucose in the body before you start your training, you will experience side-effects such as an increase in fatigue, decreased focus and a general performance decrease.

To avoid the problem described above, athletes must be familiar with their intra-workout carbohydrates. If you add some carbohydrates to your training session, you can regain your focus, strength and energy, no matter the fitness goal you have in mind.

What Are the Exact Benefits of Intra-Workout Carbohydrates?

We already described the functions carbohydrates perform during your training, so now it is time to elaborate on the exact benefits of intra-workout carbohydrates. Let us now take a closer look at the benefits, so you can decide if adding carbohydrates to your workout could benefit you.


Adding carbohydrates to your training routine could boost your performance. When you are training for a long time, your ability to do your repetitions could become less. Therefore, if you wish to maintain your performance, intra-workout carbohydrates can give you access to a quick source of energy and let you keep your intensity.

Combating Mental Fatigue

Carbohydrates are not only beneficial for your muscles, because they are also needed for your cognitive functioning. Without a good supply of carbohydrates, your mental focus and technique awareness will be impacted. This is immediately another reason to make sure your carbohydrates stay good during your workouts.

Avoiding Catabolism

When you exercise intensively for a longer period, cortisol concentration inside the body can increase. Unfortunately, this cortisol could start up catabolic processes, which are responsible for the breakdown of muscle. So, it is no surprise that these catabolic processes must be avoided if you want to gain muscle quickly.

To decrease the levels of cortisol after intensive training, you could use carbohydrates, since carbs are known to reduce the levels of cortisol several hours after your training. So, if you wish to avoid catabolism due to intensive training, you must add some carbohydrates to your routine.

Less Chance to Gain Body Fat

When you consume your carbohydrates during your training, it is less likely that these carbohydrates are going to get stored as body fats. Carbohydrates are converted into energy during training, or used to help you recover after training, so if you do want to have some carbohydrates during your regime, consuming them before and during your training will be ideal.

What Else Could I Do to Get Better Workouts?

Being familiar with your intra-workout carbohydrates is the first step towards better workouts, but there are certain Australian online supplements that could improve your workouts as well. Below, you will find the most important Australian online supplements that should be added to your workout regime, so be sure to read the information if you want more added benefits.

Protein Powder

No matter what your fitness goals are, you simply cannot train properly without a good protein powder to provide your body with the nutrients it needs. There are several types of protein powders that could help you, but we will focus on the main two types: whey protein and casein protein powder.

Whey protein powder gives athletes immediate access to high levels of amino acids, which could promote muscle repair after an intense workout. Casein protein can also fuel your muscles, but this protein powder gives the body a prolonged release of amino acids, be it in lower levels compared to whey protein. Therefore, casein protein is best used when the athlete will not have access to nutrients for several hours; for example, while the athlete is sleeping.

Muscle Stack Supplements

If your main fitness goal is muscle growth, you might benefit from using a muscle stack. Our muscle stacks are collections of Australian online supplements, with each supplement providing specific benefits for muscle growth.

Nutrients Direct offers athletes two muscle stack types. The first is a muscle stack that was created for beginners. Therefore, it only contains the essential muscle growing supplements that beginners benefit most from. However, there is also a dedicated muscle stack for advanced athletes, who need a lot more fuel for their muscles than athletes who are just starting out.

Want to discover more Australian online supplements that could help you reach your fitness goals? Or do you want to switch up your current Australian online supplements? Head over to our main range to discover everything we could offer you!


Carbohydrates are often seen as the enemy by dieters, and considered friends by those wanting to build muscle, but at the end of the day carbohydrates are suitable for both types of athletes. As proven by this article, carbohydrates can improve the results you obtain from your training and even prevent the loss of muscle by reversing damaging catabolic processes.

Naturally, the athlete must still consume a balanced diet in combination with a good exercise routine to reach his or her fitness goals. So, be sure to plan every aspect of your training and nutrition if you want to obtain the best results possible.


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