3 Ways Protein Can Help You Lose Weight

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted: 12 February 2017 

Everybody knows that certain Australian online supplements could help you reach your fitness goals. One of the most effective Australian online supplements is protein powder, because this supplement can be used for muscle building as well as weight loss. To learn more about protein powder and how it could help you to lose weight, please read our information below!

Supresses Your Appetite

One of the major benefits of using protein powder from our Australian online supplements range is appetite suppression. Whey protein powder contains various bioactive substances; this means that the ingredients inside whey protein could have a powerful effect on the human body. One of these powerful substances is so-called GMP or glycomacro protein, a substance that can reduce your appetite.

Glycomacro protein can reduce your appetite by increasing the production of a gut hormone called cholecystokinin, or CCK for short. CCK is the hormone that tells our brain we are full, so having more CCK in your system may be a serious help for portion control.

The effects of so-called glycomacro protein have been proven by science. In the Appetite journal, a study was published explaining the link between glycomacro protein levels and appetite reduction. During the study, researchers gave one half of the test subjects a regular protein powder, which contained high levels of glycomacro protein. The other half of test subjects received a whey protein where glycomacro protein was removed. Results indicated that test subjects using the whey protein without the glycomacro protein ate much bigger portions of food compared to the test subjects using the regular whey protein supplements. Therefore, researchers concluded that glycomacro protein has a direct impact on your portion control and your overall appetite.

The Appetite Role of Leucine

Glycomacro protein is not the only appetite-controlling substance inside whey protein, because the supplement also contains high levels of the amino acid leucine. Leucine is a branched-chain amino acid, which is commonly known for its muscle building benefits, but also for its ability to reduce appetite.

In the Journal of Science, a study was published on the effect of supplemental leucine. The study was executed on two groups of mice. One group received leucine, while the other did not. Both groups also had unlimited access to large quantities of food. At the end of the study, both groups gained weight, but the mice who received leucine only gained one third of the weight compared to the control group.

The appetite-regulating ability of leucine could be explained by the relationship between leucine, mTOR and the hypothalamus. As you already know, leucine is an amino acid that is present in most protein supplements. mTOR is a master growth regulator within the human cells, and plays a massive role during muscle protein synthesis. The hypothalamus on the other hand is a part of the brain, more specifically the part of the brain where our appetite control centre is situated.

Researchers believe that the growth regulator mTOR could play a role in hunger signalling. When consuming protein containing leucine, this amino acid will give the mTOR complex a message that fuel for the body is available. Then, the mTOR complex will signal to the hypothalamus that you are full, and subsequently do not need additional food. Therefore, there is also a clear link between leucine inside protein and appetite suppression.

The Stabilisation of Blood Glucose

Leucine and glycomacro protein are not the only things that cause appetite suppression in relation to whey protein, because whey protein has shown beneficial for the stabilisation of blood glucose as well.

When we get hungry, our body will have low blood glucose levels. Once we consume a good meal with a lot of carbohydrates, our blood glucose levels will increase dramatically, just like our insulin levels, because insulin keeps blood glucose levels in check. However, a drastic increase in blood glucose can lead to a blood glucose dip, making us hungry all over again.

Studies have indicated that whey protein could reduce this response by stabilising the blood glucose levels in the body for several hours after a meal. This can be explained by the effect of whey protein on incretins, which enhance insulin response after a meal to regular blood glucose levels.

When you consume whey protein, the body will experience a more regulated rise and decrease of blood glucose and insulin. So, if you often struggle with a hunger feeling during a diet, you could benefit from using whey protein supplements.

Don’t Forget to Build Muscle

When you want to lose fat effectively, and keep it off, you should also gain some muscle. Unfortunately, gaining muscle is easier for some people than others. Therefore, some people may need extra nutrients to gain the muscle mass they need.

If you are unfamiliar with the right Australian online supplements to build muscle, you could take advantage of our muscle stacks. Inside our muscle stacks, you will find several supplements that promote muscle growth, so based on those supplements, you can figure out the best manner to gain muscle, while keeping fat at bay.

Naturally, it is not advised to use all supplements inside a muscle stack to gain muscle, because some of the supplements are bulking agents that might cause you to gain weight. However, there are also supplements inside muscle stacks that will provide important nutrients to your body after training, subsequently reducing your recovery time and enabling you to train hard again the next day. Therefore, we recommend combining some of the Australian online supplements in our muscle stacks with a good protein powder for optimal results.


Whey protein supplements can help you lose weight in two ways. Firstly, whey protein will help you build more muscle, and reduce your recovery time, enabling you to train better. Secondly, whey protein will seriously reduce your appetite, which is good news for people who often experience hunger, or have little power over their portion control.

Naturally, athletes must combine their supplements with a healthy diet and exercise to get results. So, never rely on supplements alone to see the results you wish to see!


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