2 Post-Workout Shake Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted: 12 February 2017 

Many athletes use a post-workout shake to increase their recovery, and fuel their muscles as soon as their workout is over. However, it is quite easy to make mistakes with your post-workout shakes. To help you avoid such problems, we have created an overview of the most common post-workout shake mistakes, so you can stop them before they hinder your muscle building progress.

1.      Too Much Sugar

The first mistake many athletes make is consuming too much sugar after their workouts. Even though many people claim that consuming sugar after your workout is the ideal time, since the fast digestion of carbohydrates could deliver fuel directly to the muscle, this does not mean you must overdose on sugar.

Taking in a high amount of sugar after your training can have some serious disadvantages, and not everyone is aware of these big negatives. Firstly, the number of calories you consume through sugar is astronomical. Therefore, it is likely you might put on more fat instead of muscle. So, next time you consider a sugar-rich smoothie after your training, be sure to consider that you could be consuming an instant calorie bomb of 1000 calories.

Athletes should also be aware that drinks and foods high in sugar will not make them feel full. Even though these sugars will digest quickly after training, it also means that you won’t feel full for long after their training. So, if you have already reached your calorie count for the day after your training, chances of a binge are more likely later in the day.

2.      Considering Your Shake as Your Main Meal

Most athletes try to get a lot of training in, and this often translates in little time for cooking or enjoying a good meal. Therefore, it is not uncommon for athletes to consider a post-workout shake as their main meal.To avoid this mistake, bodybuilders must revaluate their post-workout meals, because most bodybuilders will consume the biggest meal of the day after their training. Therefore, athletes in this position should not solely rely on a shake to get the nutrients they need for a bigger and more athletic physique.

At the end of the day, gaining muscle mass is not just about your post-workout shakes, it is a combination of the right training and nutrition. So, if you are solely relying on your post-workout shake to fuel your body for the rest of the day, you will not get the results you want.

Should I Still Use a Post-Workout Shake?

There is no clear answer, because the use of a post-workout shake depends heavily on the time you have. While it can be used to supply your muscles with nutrients when you do not have immediate access to the right foods, you do not need a post-workout shake if you have access to whole foods to fuel your body immediately after training. You could also combine the two; for example, using a post-workout shake and having a good meal later.

Still consuming a good meal also comes with benefits, because a good meal will make you feel fuller than a post-workout shake ever could. It also enables you to choose some fibre-rich foods, which can slow down your digestion and make you feel fuller a lot longer.

When you select your post-workout meal, it is recommended to choose ingredients such as lean proteins, healthy carbohydrates and plenty of vegetables. You should also drink plenty of water, since many athletes lose a lot of fluids during their training.

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Do I Need Supplements or Not?

Supplements can be useful if you understand their purpose. Supplements can never deliver results when they are not combined with the right foods and training, but if they are combined with good training and a healthy diet, the use of supplements could improve the results you obtain. Therefore, the use of supplements is a personal choice that depends on the fitness goals you wish to achieve, and your commitment towards these fitness goals.

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