The Hard Truths About Training and Nutrition

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted: 12 February 2017 

Have you always wondered how you could cope with the holidays, despite having a rigorous training routine? Or would you like to determine the best time to take your Australian online supplements? No matter which question you want an answer to, our hard truths about training and nutrition will address some of the key questions athletes have!

How Do I Deal with Training, Nutrition and My Australian Online Supplements During the Holidays?

Many athletes wonder if they should continue taking their Australian online supplements during the holidays, and if they can afford to eat something that is not necessarily on their nutrition schedule.

The answer to this question is moderation. When you are on holiday, you can have a treat and enjoy yourself. However, you still need to moderate your training, general nutrition and even your Australian online supplements. Even though you could leave out some of the Australian online supplements you use during heavy training, if you still do some moderate training, you could still use some of your supplements to rehydrate or fuel your body with protein powder.

Still, you still need a holiday from time to time. Therefore, you should not be too restrictive during this time off. However, don’t let yourself go completely, otherwise you can easily put on ten pounds and experience a serious setback in your training routine.

How Should I Be Taking Protein Powder or Muscle Stack Supplements?

The ideal time to take protein powder or muscle stack supplements has been discussed heavily over the years. Some athletes believe it is best to take their protein powder or muscle stack supplements at the beginning of the day, while others believe they are most effective after training.

In general, it could be good to rely on the advice provided by supplement manufacturers, who often include the ideal time to take their supplement on the label or in the user instructions. Considering there are many protein powders and muscle stack supplements, each with their own variants, it is often best to step away from preconceived notions about certain supplements and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

What Is a Muscle Stack?

Beginners are often not familiar with muscle stacks, because they are usually discovered once an athlete has been trying supplements over a longer time. A muscle stack is basically a collection of supplements that is created with muscle building in mind, so if your goal is to build more muscle mass, you could consider one of these stacks to help you.

Of course, your muscle building supplements will only be effective if you put the work in, and get the right nutrition on the side. If you use the supplements, but only go to the gym once every month, you will not get the results a dedicated athlete would get with these supplements.

Can I Gain Muscle When I’m Doing Intermittent Fasting?

One question Nutrients Direct often receives relates to intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting has proven useful for weight loss, so bodybuilder want to know if this method could still help them to lose fat, but gain muscle at the same time.

Unfortunately, intermittent fasting is far from ideal for athletes looking to build more muscle mass. The body needs a constant supply of nutrients to build muscle mass and intermittent fasting disrupts that constant supply.

Studies have also shown that intermittent fasting is good for short-term, quick weight loss, but not as effective to maintain your weight loss long-term. At the end of the day, successful weight loss is all about changing your lifestyle permanently, so there is no temporary fix that will keep your weight under control.

How Do I Deal with Injuries?

One of the most devastating things that could happen to an athlete and the athlete’s fitness goals is an injury. Many athletes have their training routine and nutrition in place, but often fail to consider an injury if it should occur. Therefore, many athletes fall into a black hole if this injury arises, and don’t know how to deal with it.

An injury does not mean you cannot reach your fitness goals. However, it does mean you will need medical supervision and that you will need to follow the recommendations of the medical professional to the letter. Even if you cannot follow your normal training routine, you could do some of the exercises recommended by the physiotherapist or other health professional you are consulting.

If you are training for a specific goal, you could discuss this with your physiotherapist or health professional. It is also good to mention any supplements you are taking; this to make sure that these could benefit your recovery. If your selection of supplements is no longer ideal for your goal, then you can also get some recommendations from your physiotherapist, trainer or nutritionist.

Of course, if you experienced injuries in the past during your training programme, it might be best to re-evaluate what you are doing wrong. Injuries are sometimes unavoidable, but if they are reoccurring, there may be something wrong with your current training and nutrition.

How Do I Select My Supplements If I Am a Complete Beginner?

Our last question is also our most common question: how do you select the right supplements if you are a complete beginner? Well, in this instance, it is best to ask for some professional advice. Firstly, it is recommended to visit a medical professional for a check-up and ensure your body can cope with the changes you are going to subject it to. Secondly, you could contact a trainer that can provide you with more information on supplements in relation to your fitness goals, because when it comes down to supplements, nobody can give you better advice than a trainer with years of experience.

More Questions about Supplements, Training and Nutrition?

Do you have a question about training and nutrition that was not addressed on this page or any other information page at Nutrients Direct? Feel free to contact our team of experts for more information!


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