What Are the Benefits of Creatine Monohydrate Powder?

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted: 28 February 2017 

Creatine powder from our Australian online supplements range can be extremely effective for a variety of fitness goals; therefore, many athletes repeatedly use this supplement. If you are unfamiliar with the creatine powders in our Australian online supplements range, be sure to read our information below, because we are about to disclose the benefits a creatine powder could deliver.

How Does Creatine Powder Increase Workout Intensity?

Creatine powders enhance the body’s ability to deal with high intensity training, which means that the supplement could be extremely effective for athletes undergoing a rigorous HIIT training routine. Let us take a closer look how creatine affects your ability to deal with strenuous activities, so you can decide if creatine is for you.

A substance called creatine phosphate is used by the body to deliver energy to specific muscle fibres, more specifically the fibres largest in size. By delivering creatine phosphate, these muscle fibres get an immediate energy boost, but it also ensures the athlete does not experience any premature muscle fatigue.

The provision of creatine phosphate to muscle fibres also strengthen muscle contractions, enabling the athlete to do more reps, or sprint just a little faster. So, by using creatine during your training, you do not only combat premature workout fatigue, you’ll also experience an increase in strength and muscle.

In conclusion, creatine is a supplement that supplies a countless number of benefits during your training. So, it is no surprise that creatine tends to be most effective for athletes who want to get more out of a rigorous training routine. However, studies have shown that creatine supplements are more effective for endurance athletes than weight lifters in some instances.

How Does Creatine Improve Post-Workout Recovery?

The positive effects of creatine supplements are not limited to benefits during your workout, because the use of this supplement can contribute to your post-workout recovery as well. Several studies into this phenomenon have been executed over the years, so let us take a closer look at these studies to see how creatine can affect your muscle recovery.

During a 2004 study, scientists decided to study the effects of supplementing with creatine on muscle damage, specifically when the athlete is subjected to intensive exercise. All test subjects during this study were monitored carefully for cell damage markers; this includes creatine kinase, lactate dehydrogenase and prostaglandin-E.

The results of the 2004 study were extremely promising, because it showed that test subjects receiving creatine showed a reduction in cell damage markers. In other words, by supplementing with creatine, athletes can reduce the damage being done during an intensive or heavy training session.

How Does Creatine Improve Muscle Volume?

Using creatine supplements can have a direct effect on the volume of your muscles; this has been shown in multiple studies executed over the years. Therefore, strength athletes looking to increase the size of their muscles could directly benefit from creatine, even though it does not benefit them in the same manner as endurance athletes.

When creatine is absorbed by the muscle cells, the muscle cell starts to absorb water and increase the protein synthesis process. This causes the athlete to experience a more muscled appearance. Studies have shown that strength athletes could experience up to a six-pound increase in bodyweight during the first couple of weeks of supplementation. However, most strength athletes will also experience a two-pound weight gain in the first week due to water absorption. When that first week has passed, any additional gains are attributed to muscle gains.

Can Creatine Increase My Cognitive Functioning?

Creatine can increase your cognitive functioning, so muscle building benefits is not the only thing you could expect from creatine supplementation. The claim has also been supported by scientific proof, more specifically during a study executed by researchers Wyss and Shulze.

The results of the study executed by Wyss and Shulze were published in the prestigious magazine Neuroscience.Their findings indicated that creatine is a powerful neuroprotectant, which is a compound that protects the nerve cells against harmful environmental influences.

Studies have also indicated that people suffering from neurodegenerative disorders often experience a deficiency in creatine as well. Therefore, medical professionals often make the decision to give their patients a creatine supplement, since it can protect remaining brain cells against further damage.

Does Creatine Influence Glucose Tolerance?

Creatine has an effect of glucose tolerance; this was proven by several researchers. Their studies indicated that supplementing with creatine increased the functioning of the so-called glucose transporter (glut-4) and the levels of glycogen in the muscles. It also showed an improvement in glucose tolerance in non-active limbs.

Considering the usefulness of creatine for glucose tolerance, medical researchers are considering the usefulness of this supplement for people suffering from diabetes. Additional research still needs to be done into this field, but first results certainly look promising.

Can I Get Similar Benefits from Another Supplement?

There are several Australian online supplements that could provide benefits like Creatine Monohydrate. One of these Australian online supplements is a protein powder, which consists of numerous amino acids. Since amino acids are the physical building blocks of our muscle mass, it is no wonder that protein powder from our Australian online supplements range can increase your muscle mass, reduce recovery times and improve muscle repair.

Before you choose a protein powder from our Australian online supplements range to reach your fitness goals, be sure to look at all the different types of protein powders available. Different types of protein powder have different characteristics, so make sure you choose the protein powder that leans closest towards your fitness goals.


Considering the many benefits of creatine, it is hard to find a reason why you should not add this supplement to your training regime. Of course, you can also add more creatine to your diet by eating the right foods, although you will not get the same concentration of creatine you would get from a creatine supplement.

For more information about our creatine supplements, please read our product description pages or contact our team of experts for more info.



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