Best Creatine Supplements – 2016 Top 10 List

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted: 27 July 2016 

Creatine has been a valuable supplement for many athletes looking to get more muscle. New supplements are constantly hitting the market, so it can be difficult to keep up with the latest supplements in this field. Let us take a closer look at the most effective creatine supplements at this time and pick your favourite!

1. Creatine Ethyl Ester (HCL)

The most effective form of the supplement can be found in the HCL supplement from Nutrients Direct. Athletes looking for a fast absorption rate combined with increased muscle pump and strength will not be disappointed in this particular supplement, considering the fact that HCL was especially made for a faster and more effective absorption for more intensive workouts.

One of the biggest advantages of the HCL supplement is the fact that it does not contain any calories whatsoever. Athletes who want to trim down on the fat and gain healthier muscle will therefore find the most benefit in the Nutrients Direct HCL supplement.

HCL is best used over a period of four to six weeks and a two-week rest period in between. The best dose for this HCL supplement has also been scientifically determined on 3 grams, so athletes know exactly what dose to consume in order to get the best results.

The HCL supplement can be used with your preferred amount of water, but can also be mixed in fruit juice. This gives athletes a choice of various flavours, which makes consuming the supplement a more pleasant experience. HCL can also be taken up to two times a day, so it can benefit you before and after your workout.

2. ND Creatine Monohydrate

The monohydrate version of the supplement is also very effective for athletes, but has a slower absorption rate than the HCL version. That being said, not everyone is looking for fast absorption rates and like to spread the use of their supplement. For those athletes, the monohydrate version will be the best option.

Similar to HCL, ND Monohydrate does not contain any calories, so athletes on a calorie controlled diet will not have to worry when they add this supplement to their daily routine. However, to get the best possible results from this specific supplement, it is recommended to use the larger dose during the first few weeks of training (maximum 3 grams).

The supplement can be taken every day for eight weeks, so athletes with a long-term goal in mind might find this supplement most suited for their goals. Once the eight-week period has expired, athletes should stop consuming the supplement for one week before starting another cycle of eight weeks.

Last but not least, this particular supplement is also the most affordable out of all supplements in our top ten, so athletes working with a tight budget may choose this supplement over all others.

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3. Tri Creatine Malate

This supplement also provides athletes with a faster absorption rate and helps to restore the ATP levels in the body. For that reason, this supplement is best taken before a workout; this to promote the growth of lean muscle. If you have been looking for a supplement to take before your daily workout, this supplement will provide you with the most benefit.

The supplement in question can be used continuously over a period of four to six weeks. Similar to the HCL supplement, athletes should stop the use of this supplement for two weeks after a cycle of four or six weeks to get the best possible result.

A ND Malate supplement can be used with your preferred amount of water or some fruit juice, so you can decide which flavour you go with. The Malate version of this supplement does not contain any calories either, so it is the perfect addition to your diet plan if you are looking to convert fat into lean muscle.

4. Muscle Tech Platinum 100% Creatine

The Muscle Tech Platinum supplement is a simple yet effective supplement for muscle growth. Instead of the usual formula, Muscle Tech Platinum uses the micronized form of the supplement and filters out the unnecessary ingredients. With the help of Muscle Tech Platinum, athletes can expect improved strength, increased athletic performance, decreased recovery time and fast absorption.

5. BSN Creatine DNA

BSN is another micronized form of the well-known supplement and provides similar benefits as the Muscle Tech Platinum. However, if you are looking for faster absorption, the ND HCL will be more effective for your goals.

6. MusclePharm

MusclePharm is quite the unique combination, considering it consist of five different types of creatine. The combination supplement enables athletes to boost the production of ATP during workouts and provides a boost of energy.

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7. Universal Nutrition

Universal Nutrition is quite similar to the ND monohydrate version. The makers of this particular supplement did leave out some ingredients to make the supplement more affordable. Even though the Universal Nutrition supplement is a cost-effective option, it is not as efficient as our number 1 supplement, which absorbs a lot faster.

8. Promera Sports

Promera Sports uses pure creatine hydrochloride to achieve the strength and endurance benefits athletes are after. The formula was especially created for those who have experienced side-effects from the use of creatine supplements. However, the alterations in this particular product made the supplement a little less powerful, but still effective when combined with the right workout routine.

9. Dymatize

Dymatize is a simple form of pure micronized creatine monohydrate. Just like some of the other supplements on the market, the makers of Dymatize have eliminated some of the ingredients you can find in normal creatine supplements. However, the clinically approved dose of the supplement has shown to provide athletes with benefits such as strength, endurance and better cognitive functioning.

10. Arnold Series Iron CRE3

The whole world knows Arnold and his success in the world of bodybuilding and the movie industry. The Arnold Series Iron CRE3 is endorsed by Arnold Swarzenegger and uses creatine nitrate to give athletes the benefits they want to obtain during the workout. That being said, even though the Arnold Series Iron CRE3 packs quite a punch, it does not absorb as quickly as some of the other supplements in our top ten.

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