What Is Creatine Powder?

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted: 28 February 2017 

Creatine powder is a common supplement in our range of Australian online supplements and often used by athletes to increase their performance. If you are not yet familiar with creatine and the benefits it could deliver for your overall fitness, be sure to read our information below, where we’ll disclose everything you need to know!

What Does Creatine Do?

CR (Creatine) supplements from our Australian online supplements range will increase your body’s ability to produce energy; this means that athletes can get faster access to energy when they need it most – during their training.

The use of CR from our Australian online supplements range enables athletes to train more intensively and maybe get a couple extra reps in their regular training. Therefore, CR does not only influence the athlete’s body short term, it could mean the difference between extra muscle and no extra muscle.

Which Athletes Could Benefit Most from CR Supplements?

CR supplements seem to be most effective for athletes doing regular high intensity training; this includes exercises such as sprinting, football, baseball and more. CR has also proven useful to put on an extra couple of pounds, so if you are looking to bulk up during weight training, CR supplements may be an effective way to do that.

Is There Scientific Evidence Supporting the Benefits of CR Supplements?

There is significant scientific evidence supporting the benefits of CR supplements, so let us take a closer look at some of the studies that have been executed in this field.

Paul Greenhaff, a professor of muscle metabolism at the English University of Nottingham, searched for a link between CR and the benefits claimed by fitness experts. During one of his studies, Paul Greenhaff found that athletes experienced an initial weight increase, which was caused by water. However, any subsequent gains after the initial water weight gain could be attributed to muscle gains.

The effect of CR can be explained by the fact that CR is an osmotically active substance; this means that it draws water into the muscle cells. By attracting more water, the body starts to increase the protein synthesis process. This protein synthesis is responsible for muscle repair, but also for muscle growth.

There have been additional studies into the effects of CR supplements. One study published in the “Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise” journal delivered scientific fact that supplementing with CR makes the muscle fibres of the athlete grow. Of course, these changes do not take place if you do not put the work in. Therefore, your CR supplement can only be effective when you combine it with the right exercise.

Does CR Have a Negative Effect on the Kidneys?

The effects of CR on the kidneys have been widely discussed, so it is no surprise that there is quite some discussion surrounding the use of CR supplements and the effect on the kidneys. Still, CR supplements are amongst the most researched supplements in the world, so a lot is known about the use of this supplement.

Studies have shown that when CR supplements are used in the correct dose, they will not have a negative impact on the body. Of course, this rule only applies when the athlete combines CR with the right nutrition and the proper amount of exercise. However, CR supplements cannot be used by athletes who have kidney disorders or kidney-related problems; this is because our kidneys excrete a substance called creatinine. Creatinine is broken down creatine, so adding more creatine to a person’s body who already has kidney problems, could put more strain on the kidneys. However, it has little effect on an athlete who is deemed healthy.

Will CR Supplements Be Effective for Me?

CR supplementation is different for everyone, so this is a question that is difficult to answer. Everyone reacts differently to supplements, so while some people may get great results from CR supplements, other people will not experience anything different.

To make sure CR supplements are suitable for you, it is best to track changes after your first week of taking the supplement. If you do not notice an increase in your training volume, you could be part of the athlete population that does not take to CR.

Of course, athletes can get their CR from food sources as well, although CR from foods need to be digested first before they are used by the body. CR supplements usually deliver a quicker absorbing form of the compound. Still, if you wish to obtain CR from your regular diet instead, you should add more herring and beef to your diet, which contains high levels of CR.

Add a Protein Powder to Your Training!

Creatine can be extremely effective for your training, but athletes should not forget about another supplement from our Australian online supplements range that could be extremely effective for your training – protein powder.

Protein powder is packed with amino acids, and each of these amino acids perform specific functions in the human body. The amino acids in protein powder can be used to contribute to your overall health, but they can deliver clear fitness benefits as well; this includes muscle growth, muscle repair, increased fat burn and reduced recovery times. Therefore, when you search for Australian online supplements that could help you during your training, be sure to consider a protein powder as well.


CR supplements can be effective to gain muscle mass and to increase your performance in the gym. However, CR supplements must be used correctly to be effective, so if you have little experience with CR supplementation, it could be a good idea to talk to a personal trainer for some additional advice.

At Nutrients Direct, you will find numerous CR supplements that could help you during your training and to get better training results. Of course, our range contains other supplement that could help you with your workouts and your fitness goals, so make sure you check out all the supplements in our range.

For more information about any of our supplements, please check our product description pages, or contact our expert team for additional info.


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