Is Creatine the Right Nutritional Supplement for Me?

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted: 28 February 2017 

Many athletes encounter creatine powder when they are looking to increase their sports performance. However, the creatine powders in our Australian online supplements range are quite versatile, so many athletes are left wondering if creatine powders can contribute to a specific fitness goal.

How Does Creatine Powder Improve Muscle Mass?

One of the known benefits of creatine powder from our Australian online supplements range is increased muscle growth. Still, many athletes wonder how creatine powder can effectively increase their muscle mass, so let us take a closer look!

Studies have shown that the use of creatine supplements can increase your overall workout intensity; this means that you can train a little harder during each of your intense workout sessions. By pushing a little harder over the course of time, your body will also show the necessary changes to cope with these heavier training sessions.

Still, for creatine to build more muscle mass, you must put in the work and enjoy the right nutrition. Therefore, make sure you push yourself during training sessions and eat enough calories to help fuel your body. Creatine supplements will give you more energy, but it won’t be effective if cornerstones such as nutrition and training are missing from your regime.

Because of these functions of creatine, we can say that this supplement is suitable for athletes who put the work in, but have problems getting the appropriate muscle volume from their training. By taking creatine, the muscle protein synthesis is stimulated and training sessions increase in intensity, so the result usually translates in a little more muscle.

Does Creatine Improve Sports Performance?

Creatine can increase your gym performance in another way, because the supplement is known to improve muscle contractions in athletes as well. If you are doing some high-intensity or endurance training sessions, you will notice that creatine can make a huge difference, since this supplement ensures that the body has sufficient access to creatine phosphate. This substance makes sure that you can do a few more reps than you could do without the supplement, so the answer to the question if creatine can improve sports performance is a definite yes.

Are There Other Supplements with Similar Benefits?

There are several supplements in our Australian online supplements range that could contribute to an increase in muscle mass, muscle repair and sports performance. Still, one of the Australian online supplements that is just as effective is protein powder.

Our Australian online supplements range contains many protein powders, each with their own unique characteristics. There are even dedicated protein powders that are suitable for vegetarians and vegans; this includes pea protein powder and soy protein powder. So, no matter what kind of supplement you need to contribute to your fitness goals, you will always find the right fit in our protein powder range.

Is Creatine a Safe Supplement to Use?

Creatine has been brought on the market several years ago, and so far, there have been no reports of any adverse side-effects. Naturally, each supplement is tested thoroughly before it becomes available to consumers, so the supplements you can find on the website of recognised supplement manufacturers are going to be safe to use.

Do I Need to Use a Loading Phase?

Some athletes use a loading phase for their creatine supplements, since this helps them to see the results of their supplementation faster. However, a loading phase is not essential when you use creatine and often comes down to the personal preferences of athletes.

If you decide to increase your dosage of creatine during the loading phase, there are some things you must be aware of. Firstly, increasing your dosage of creatine for a short cycle of several weeks could increase the storage of creatine phosphate in the body. However, your own body will eventually decrease those levels again, and this may affect the production of creatine by your own body. To avoid this phenomenon, it is recommended to use creatine in cycles, and stop the use of the supplement for a week or several weeks between cycles.

When Should I Take Creatine?

There has been much discussion surrounding creatine supplementation and the time where you should take it. Even though opinions are still scattered amongst athletes, trainers and even researchers, there is a strong evidence that taking creatine after your workout could be most advantageous.

Firstly, most athletes eat a snack or use a post-workout supplement that makes their insulin levels spike. Studies have shown that insulin helps to get more creatine into your muscle cells, so if you know your insulin levels will spike after your training, you can benefit most from taking creatine after training.

Several studies have also shown that the body can absorb nutrients better after a good workout; this is immediately another reason why creatine supplements could prove more effective after training. Creatine also helps to refuel your stores of creatine phosphate, something your body could benefit from post-workout.

Naturally, there is still no recommended time to take creatine supplements, so many athletes take creatine at a time that is most convenient for them. However, if you find that you’re not getting the benefit you wanted, try taking creatine as described above.

If you decide to take creatine before your training anyway, consider that the body of an athlete may already have full stores of creatine phosphate. Therefore, supplementing with creatine before your training might not make much difference. However, if you feel deprived of energy, or had some intensive training not long before, you could still take your creatine supplement before you start your new training session.


Creatine supplements can be effective for many different types of athletes, but only if the supplement is taken in the right manner. Therefore, make sure you inform yourself about creatine supplements before you start using them. Read the instructions provided by the manufacturer thoroughly, and ask one of your local trainers for some additional advice before you start using this powerful supplement.

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