Getting the Facts Straight On Creatine for Optimal Results!

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted: 27 July 2016 

Creatine is currently the most popular supplement for many athletes around the world. The supplement has proven useful for additional strength, endurance and muscle mass, but also showed great benefits for the cognitive functioning of athletes. If you have been curious how you can obtain these results, please read our helpful tips for the best use of creatine for optimal results.

What Can Creatine Do for Me?

The supplement is most commonly used by athletes for muscle gain. Especially people who want to bulk up some more will add the supplement to their daily workout routine. If you have been struggling to build muscle, or would like to enjoy more endurance and strength during your workouts, this supplement could benefit you greatly.

In short, this supplement can help you build muscle faster. However, athletes still have to put in the work in the gym to get their desired results. Gaining muscle is not achievable with a miracle pill, but it is achievable with hard work and additional supplements that promote your muscle growth.

Creatine results

Why Is Timing Important?

When you look up the use of certain supplements online, you will notice that many people recommend taking a certain supplement at a specific time of day. This has a reason, because some supplements are more effective at that specific time.

For most athletes, supplements are taken before or after their workout. There are also certain supplements that can be taken before bedtime or first thing in the morning. When you intend to add supplements to your workout routine, be sure to check the timing and the directions to ensure maximum results.

How Does This Supplement Work in the Human Body?

Creatine can be found in the muscle fibre of our bodies naturally and plays a vital role in the provision of energy to muscle tissue as well as the brain. In order to provide energy, the substance will provide its phosphate to another substance called adenosine diphosphate. With the extra phosphate, adenosine diphosphate can be converted into adenosine triphosphate.

Adenosine triphosphate can be seen as the main energy supplier of our body. When the bond between the adenosine triphosphate and the additional phosphate is broken, energy will be released and used for important cell functions, which includes muscle contractions.

Can Creatine Be Obtained from Food?

The majority of creatine is obtained from meat. Unfortunately, many meats are also accompanied with a good amount of fat, so many athletes are quite hesitant to add a large amount of meat to their diet.

Supplements are usually better to obtain the amount of creatine you need. With the help of supplements, you are able to measure the amount of creatine you consume and get more effective results without having to incorporate more fat in your diet.

Is the Supplement Used in Different Phases?

For all supplements, there is usually a loading phase and a maintenance phase. The loading phase is applied when you start taking a supplement for the first time and usually involves a higher dose of the supplement.

The maintenance phase usually follows after a couple of days. During the maintenance phase, the dose of the supplement is lowered. However, the decrease of the dose will not have an effect on the results you obtain from your workouts.

We do need to mention that the loading phase and maintenance phase are not necessarily obligated for all athletes. Some athletes experience digestive problems during the loading phase, considering the higher dose. If you struggle with digestive problems during the loading phase, it is recommended to lower the dose in the loading phase and continue the loading phase for a longer period of time.

That being said, it is important to adhere to the recommended dose and use cycles. For example, many supplements will recommend a use of six to eight week cycles and a rest period of two weeks. Before you start taking any supplement, be sure to check the directions to get optimal results.

When Should I Take Creatine Supplements?

There has been considerable discussion in regard to the best time to take this supplement. However, most scientists seem to believe that creatine is most beneficial after a workout. Studies have shown that the use of the supplement after your workout will speed up recovery times as well as help to create more muscle mass. Scientists also claim that your muscles will be more receptive to the supplement after a workout. Still, there is insufficient scientific evidence to determine the best time to take creatine, so most athletes use the supplement at the most convenient time for them.

Creatine results

Should I Combine the Supplement with Something Else?

Athletes who want to get more out of their supplement tend to combine creatine with other supplements or foods. According to recent studies, fast reacting carbohydrates are the best combo for creatine supplements, although they are not ideal for people looking to lose fat or people with diabetes.

People struggling with diabetes or people on a low carb diet should not combine their supplement with additional foods or supplements. Even though fast reacting carbohydrates can make the supplement more effective, they can put these groups at risk.

Can I Use the Supplement on Rest Days?

To answer this question, you will need to determine what your rest days are. For example, are you someone who exercises five times a week and has two rest days a week? Or are you someone who simply does not do any exercise.

People who do not exercise at all should not take the supplement at all. People who do not exercise have no need for extra creatine, considering the fact that their bodies do not use up all the energy that is already there.

However, people who exercise frequently can take the supplement during their rest days. The use of the supplement during rest days will give you more energy reserve for your next workout, but also aid the recovery of your muscles after you had an intensive workout the day before.

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